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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

I was reading an article the other day which came up with a load of new-fangled ways of creating content, measure this and measure that …. these are all things that will delay creating content as you will measure so many things, that nothing will happen.

I heard somebody say in a meeting the other day 

“Don’t Let Perfection Get in the Way of Progress”

Here are 10 pointers to great content which don’t require expensive tools, or long sign offs, this allows you to publish great content.  OK, maybe good content, but the key of this is for to get inbound.

What I mean by inbound is people finding the content and think that’s what I’m looking for, I think these people can help me and then contacting you.

Pie in the sky?  Here at DLA we get 3 pieces of inbound every day, and just to prove we “eat our own dog food” here is our blog we are a small business and publish a blog a day, more on that another day …

So here are the 10 pointers for better content …

  1. Stand up and read it out – This will “smoke out” the punctuation mistakes, it will also help you find the grammar errors.  If English isn’t your first language, it should also help iron out any issues there.
  2. Be Honest – Is it really interesting and engaging?  I know you are writing a white paper on a complex nature, but really will your readers understand it?
  3. Could you explain it to your mum? – While it might not be actually your mum, this is a metaphor.  Can you explain it to a child.  Don’t forget KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid!
  4. 500 Words is Plenty – Yes I know there are stats that long form gets engagement.  No it doesn’t, people download and then put it in a file “to be read some day”.  If you want people to read, 500 words / a 3 min read is plenty.
  5. You only remember one thing –  While I know there are 2,000 things you want to tell people about, they will only remember one thing.  So just write about one.  Across 2,000 blogs.
  6. Don’t Pitch – The fact somebody is reading your article is enough they “know” about your product.  This is about being insightful, educational, funny it’s not about selling.
  7. We Know You are Clever – Nobody likes a smart arse, this isn’t a show case to prove how clever you are as in 6, engage and empower the audience.
  8. The Dinner Party Test – Would you read the content out to your friends and family without they yawning and “Taking the Micky” that you were being too corporate.
  9. Don’t be a Robot! – Leave the corporate suit in the office, this is about getting your content read, not ticking the corporate box.
  10. Get a Decent Headline – Without it, something that grabs me and want to read it, you are (as with the other 9 points) wasting your time.

There you have it, pretty straight forward.

And for those that have read that and thought “you are not telling me I don’t know”, yes I agree, I do realise you know all of them, but let’s be honest here, do you do them?

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