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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Adam and I had a conversation with a “named” Management Consultancy in the early days of DLA.

The problem, it was explained was that there was a Digital Transformation land grab.  The size of the prize?  These deals averaged $1 Billion each. Note that is Billion and not a Million. Signing one was important, two deals critical. But the view was there was about a two year window to sign these Billion dollar deals up. Anyway, could we help? Of course.

Anyway a call was arranged with a Managing Director / Partner of this Management Consultancy and their head of social media. To cut a long story short it was explained how business works today.

“Our Managing Directors have relationships with CEOs and we take it from there”. We asked did they think that the internet had an impact on the buying process and people purchased in teams? Let’s not forget this is a company that the central strategy is to sell digital transformation.

No. Was the answer. Then a pregnant pause.  The call finished not long after that.

They haven’t called us since, so I guess their MDs are doing a great job with their CEO relationships. It may of course be that the M.D. we spoke to hadn’t had somebody challenge him for a few years. (By the way, if you want “yes people” don’t hire us).

Bringing us up to the modern day, we still have people doing $Million deals through social and we got contacted recently by a large software house that wants “8 Figure Deals”. Can we do that? Of course, it’s what we do.

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