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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Here are just a few of the reasons!

  1. Posting across multi-platforms. For example posting the same content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc … It may well “save you time” but it steals time from your followers who probably follow you on multiple platforms ….
  2. Another clue you are posting on multiple platforms is your use of hashtags where hashtags shouldn’t appear. Hashtags are fine on Instagram and Twitter, but don’t use so many of them on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  3. Using hashtags where you don’t need them. When Twitter first started you could only search on hashtags, if you wanted to search on sales for example you had to write #Sales. Now you can search on any word, writing “#How to use #Hashtags in #Sales” just makes your tweet difficult to read, you get the sales result with “How to use hashtags in sales”.
  4. Auto Direct Mails (DMs), while I can imagine you do get 1 in 100 responses and that makes it “worth while”. Maybe it’s the sheer volume I get, but they all get deleted. And yes, I do judge 👩‍⚖️you for sending them.
  5. io– It was great in 2014, but we have moved on.
  6. Automated posts thanking your most interactive followers, stood out in 2015.Now as there is so much noise, Social Media posts need to be interesting, insightful and add value. Appreciate you may want to thank people but we all know this is automated, so is there any currency really with this?
  7. Any form for automated thank you – For following, for RTs …. If you want to engage. Have a proper conversation with me on Social.
  8. Now there are two types of tagging. 1. Where I have given you permission, it’s a bit like a CC on an email. “Tim I want you to be aware of this” the second type is nothing short of spamming. 2. This is where people go back and forth, just tweeting handles. I know this helps your Klout score, but it’s a bit like email.
  9. People teeeting the same tweet all at the same time.
  10. TrueTwit Validation, come on, we’ve put a man on the moon ….
  11. Tweets where you are posting more than one image, especially logos, if your tweet is difficult to read, it’s unlikely I will read it.

People who read this article were sometime embarrassed…and then read these:

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