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…whilst trying to deploy social media.

By Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

We are fortunate enough to work with a number of very large organisations and help them to add scale to their social media. In doing so, we sometimes get to see patterns arise.

I think it’s reasonably safe to say that in every large organisation there are some “social ninjas”. When he worked at Oracle, my co-founder Tim Hughes would be a good example of that – he worked in a sales role, he inherently understood the benefit that social media could bring, he refined his “art” and he became the world leader in social selling. He wasn’t trained, he wasn’t coached, he just “got it” and pounced on the opportunity.

Oracle, for example, has 130,000 staff…but it only had one Tim Hughes. That, of course, shouldn’t have been the case. The management should have spotted him, asked him to document what he was doing and then rolled it across the whole organisation. Just imagine what that would have done, 75,000 Tim Hugheses all promoting the company, writing content and engaging with prospects.

But they didn’t…did they.

In fact there are Tims in most large companies including yours, perhaps not quite as good as Tim, but people who “get it” and are driving out-performance through their social efforts. Never though have we seen an organisation be able to capture this and make it the norm. Yes, companies create “playbooks” for the successful uses of social telling the story of how “Dave” managed to create a 70% uplift in sales in a month and they distribute these, but other staff simply read them and comile excuses as to why Dave’s incredible success won’t work for their vertical/clients/sector. So as a whole you find it very difficult to cookie-cutter this brilliance and adopt at at scale.

This is a problem that your organisation will no doubt face (or may have already faced). “Random acts of social” (as Tim would put it) are all well and good but this is not about taking the top 10% and making them in to super heroes, this is about taking the middle 60-70% and making them a bit better…just 10% or so.

That is what we do. We capture what organisations are already doing well, we augment it with best practice and our own “secret sauce” and we roll that out at scale…we are “agents of change” and we create that across-the-board improvement. Imagine a 10% uplift in sales productivity across 60% of your sales staff…that’s a big shift in bottom line for you because whilst your sales might have increased by 5-10%…your costs haven’t increased at all.

I say 10% because…if I told you the truth you wouldn’t believe me…but that’s a conversation for another time!

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