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Black Friday Sale

By Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

A Black Friday Sale…is one thing you certainly will never see from Digital Leadership Associates and there are a whole host of reasons for this. Greed isn’t one of them.

A very clever friend of mine once said, “never give a discount to anyone. Sell it at full price or give it away but never ever give a discount”. This sort of grated on me. In business, surely, it’s better to get some money than none right? But he insisted not and the years have shown that they were right.

If I charge you full price you rightly should expect perfection and I will do my best to satisfy you.

If I give it to you, we both know I’m doing you a favour and you’re not really in a position to complain.

Do you deserve the best?

But, if I sell it at half price you think “I’m paying good money for this, so I deserve the best” and I think “I’m selling this cheap, so what do they expect”. It is this middle ground that leads to dissatisfaction and misery!

Over the years I have rarely discounted my products or services and on the few occasions that I have, this thinking has been totally vindicated. The disconnect between expectation and delivery is not met and nobody’s happy.

When I left my full-time job to set up on my own for the first time (20 years ago now) a funny thing happened. In my previous employment I was charged out at X, but when I set up on my own I began by charging 1/3 X so that I could offer value to my clients.

Take us seriously

In fact, what happened was that at that the reduced price clients didn’t take the advice seriously. It was of course the same advice, but the perception had shifted. Not just through the value of the advice but also how the client absorbed the advice (or didn’t).

At sessions where I offered the discounted price, clients were easily distracted by their phones. Getting them to turn up on time was tricky too.  The issue was not one of cost, the issue is seldom one of cost. This issue is always one of value.

Making a difference, adding value

It’s very difficult to get people to take you seriously when you don’t charge as if you’re an expert. “This is the best watch in the world and it’s $20,” simply makes no sense. That doesn’t mean that you should overcharge, because clearly you shouldn’t, but you must change a rate which is appropriate for the quality of service you deliver.

So, at Digital Leadership Associates we don’t do Black Friday sales. And we don’t give discounts. What we do is make a huge difference and add immense value. And that is worth paying full price for we believe!

Digital Leadership Associates: We are Global Social Media Management Consultancy. We do three things: Social Media StrategySocial Selling and Social Media Management. Drop us an email or call one of our founders on 00 44 7823 534 557 and let’s talk about how we can make an impact on your organisation.

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