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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Think about it, any executive of any note has a personal assistant, spam filters, voice mail, ad blockers and AI on their email so any attempt to contact them will be blocked by a gate keeper, either alive or a bot.

Add that to the fact that no senior executive is sitting there waiting for you to call and is certainly never going to give you 20 minutes to pitch your products, so what do cold callers do?

Sell low.  In fact, as buyers get more and more sophisticated, there will get more voice mail, ad blockers, spam filters etc.  There can only get more and more “gate keepers” which will drive cold callers, lower and lower.

In fact, cold calling is a race to the bottom.

Is there a solution?

Of course there is.  Social Selling.

Why?  There are no gatekeepers on social.

You can contact any senior executive.  But cold callers won’t.  Why?  They are too scared.

They are too comfortable selling low and hoping that every 20 minute demo will get a sale.  It’s a numbers game after all.  In the world of cold calling.  Losing deals is OK.  If you sell something cheap enough (a blog for another day) then somebody will buy.

There is another reason why this won’t change anything that cold callers do.  They are lazy!

Why would you invest in a day, to get a create LinkedIn profile, when you can stay in your comfort zone and keep banging away on the phones.  “I’m doing it, my father did it and my father’s father did it” they will say.  A tradition like horses and carts.

I’m sure, we will get a comment like “my customers are not on social” rubbish, everybody is on social.  Stop being lazy and go and find them.

As well as being more effective than cold calling, social selling is also more efficient.

What do I mean?

Think about it, cold calling requires you to get 100 targets that you call and call and call, hoping to find the right people to talk to.  Where as, using sales navigator, you could fine the right people.

With cold calling, you have to keep calling and recalling the right people (and wrong people) leaving voice mails, hoping and praying they either return the call or get back to you.

With social selling you know who the right people are and go straight to them.

With cold calling you target 100, with social selling you can target 100.

With cold calling, let’s assume of that 100, 10 are the right people.

With social selling, you know who the right 10 are and can go straight to them.  Why not then contact 100 (of the right people) in a day.

This makes social selling 10 x more efficient, you make 10x your number and the company makes 10x the revenue.  OK let’s assume it’s just double.  You have made 200% of number rather than 100% ….. how much more of a hero you will be.

But you won’t.  You are too scared to contact senior people over social, your management won’t give you the skills and after all you are too lazy to do anything about it.

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