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…is not common practice.

by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

Since I started working in the social media field (over a decade ago) one thing hasn’t changed.

Our hunger to use social networks.


In this last decade, every few months a new series of infographics, stats and research would be announced with a great fanfare and this research would say:

  1. There are more people on social than there have ever been.
  2. People are spending more time on social than they ever have.
  3. People’s buying behaviours have changed and social has a bigger influence on these than ever before.

This was true 10 years ago, 5 years ago, it is true today and it will be true tomorrow. The online world shapes almost every aspect of mine and your life and the social media world shapes almost every aspect of the online world. Google yourself and see what is most apparent (it will be your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles) and your other social footprints. 

Think about how you make buying decisions – you visit a company website for “facts” and you visit third-party “impartial” websites for “truth.”

A recent study shows that TripAdvisor has influenced $546,000,000,000 of spend in 2017 alone ( you can read it here ) which is a truly staggering amount of money…but not a surprising trend because if you think again about how you make buying decisions it is just like this (and not just in travel) – you short-list what you might buy then you look at what really consumers say about those possibilities, real consumers who are just like you. Then you decide.

That is what YOUR customers do to your products as well.

Old news

You know all this though. You know that “everyone is on social media” these days – the latest report from Hootsuite & Everyone Social ( you can read it here ) shows that over 80% of people with an internet connection are regular social media users. This means that 4/5 of the people who you could influence with your marketing (website, email, banner ads, etc) are accessible through (and therefore influenceable by) social media.

You have seen Obama’s election, the Arab Spring uprising, Brexit, the ALS challenge and of course Trump’s election all influenced/driven/manipulated by social media.

You know that every time a scandal breaks and shows that Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or whatever has breached data or regulations or trust it has had no effect whatsoever on our propensity to use (or trust) these organisations.

We are hooked and we know it. We feel that we shouldn’t be so reliant on these networks and yet we still are. Social media continues to drive almost every element of our behaviour, our lives, our beliefs and our society as a whole.

But you know this already.

So what?

So, if you know that global events are being manipulated by social networks, that we are all influenceable by what we read and see on them, that we all choose to spend time there, that we all absorb (and believe) what we read there, that we can use these channels more cost effectively than other channels, that they are more effective than other channels…why aren’t you investing more of your time and effort making the most of them?

In your business you need to embrace social media as THE tool for conversations, engagement and dissemination of information. Social media is not something which is owned by marketing and is a subset of “digital marketing” social media is a tool for marketing. for sales, for internal communications, for external comms, for advocacy, for supply chain, for customer service, for PR for…well everything. Because social media is not about relationships, social media IS relationships.

At Digital Leadership Associates we believe that social media is the transformational technology of our time. It is the plumbing that connects together families, friends, communities and businesses and that in the future the ONLY way to be competitive is to make social media the core  of your business…and your life.

Talk to us about what this could look like within your business.

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