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by Ian Moyse | @imoyse

Well if someone comes looking do they get an initial good odour or a bad one? Are you sending off the right vibes, whether it be a prospective employer checking or a customer? We all make micro judgements whether we like it or not?

Does your profile smell, a good odour or bad ? How do you know, what should you be looking for?  Well some of it is obvious and some not so.

And remember it also works the other way, you do a sniff test of others profiles, right?  When going to call or visit a prospect you at least take a quick look at their profiles, ideally a longer dig looking for insights.

When you look, you take a first quick impression, based on the picture and any headlines. If it has a poor or inappropriate picture and/or spelling mistakes or errors what do you take away?

So in your own profile(s) take pride and make sure you don’t stink or even send off a bad odour

Firstly, make sure you don’t fall into the all too often trap of using any old picture or one that you like as quirky or a a memory of a fun time you had.

Avoid a simple mistake and choose a well-lit, professional and clear picture. .

And consider that of pictures you have of yourself, from 5 similar ones, one may be the killer one to use for profiles.  You can test your pictures for free, as I have written of previously, at   Take a small time to test the 4-5 pictures you feel you might use and meets the basic criteria and see which best represents you.

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