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by Adam Gray | @agsocialMedia

Since Donald Trump became the President of the United States of America one of the very great (depending on how you look at it) strengths/weaknesses/problems of social media has become incredibly obvious.

We work with organisations that want to deploy social media as a tool to raise awareness, improve opinions and, ultimately, sell more of whatever it is that they do. Social media is a great tool for them to be able to do this, but social media doesn’t operate like other forms of media. In a fundamental level the “”reach” that a message that appears on one of the social channels is governed by its attractiveness, its shock factor and its “resonance” with the audience rather than its quality or factual accuracy. 

We often say to our clients what matters is what people THINK is true…rather than what’s true, and for many companies they see this as a problem rather than an advantage because they aren’t prepared to leap-in and have a go. “We have the most advanced measurement material currently available”…may, or may not be true, but one thing is for certain, if you say it often enough people will begin to believe it.

So…that brings me to Mr Trump and his very clever use of social, and I deliberately say clever because, love him or hate him you can’t deny has has mastered the social media universe.

He either has studied behavioural science or has a natural empathy with how his social channels work because his ability to control situations at scale through his rapid-fire responses and his “straight to the core” delivery is a lesson to both businesses and individuals.

What I’m not doing is expressing an agreement (or disagreement) with what he posts, as this is not apolitical forum and therefore not a discussion I want to get in to, but what I am saying is that with a Klout score of 95 (out of 100) and 43,673,233 followers you cannot ignore either what he says or his ability to spread his message and he has certainly mastered this medium like few others…except of course Barack Obama (with a Klout score of 99 and 97,374,562 followers)!

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