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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Any sales person and sales leader understand that in a sale there needs to be momentum.

I’m writing this in November and I’ve just got some feedback “We are closing out the year in December, contact us again in January.”

Now while that isn’t the answer I wanted, there is still momentum and we have a time (there is an objective, but I won’t go into that).

In any meeting you have with a prospect and a client there needs to be a (jointly agreed) objective for that meeting, so you can measure if you achieved it as well as a a set of next actions.

Often salespeople don’t agree them, either (as my Business partner Adan Gray would call them “lazy”) or because of the fear of rejection.

What happens if they don’t like our proposition?

What happens if they don’t have the budget?

What happens if they have other priorities?

There can always be doubt in the mind of the seller, but remember, it’s you against all the other salespeople, I’m sure you can out sell them?

Setting objectives and next actions with prospects and clients enable you to check you are on track. 

Like a heat seeking missile, you have to keep checking and double checking you are on track.

How many times have you found out that there are other priorities, sorry but you’ve been out sold.

Another sales person was able to justify their proposition ahead of yours.

So as a salesperson or a sales leader what can you do?

The rule of MLD!

After every meeting be honest with yourself and the team and work out

More – What could you have done more of?

Less – What could you have done less of?

Different – what could you have done different?

What formal and informal options are there?

And don’t forget, always ask for the next action.

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