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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

Once upon a time centrally conceived corporate marketing messages used to create awareness and sell products and services, but it looks like that day has passed.

For all the talk about how social media has alienated people and created division…it has moved buyers much closer to their sellers and further from their sellers’ companies.

You know from your own behaviour that you simply can’t believe the corporate message. What you can believe though is the message from the person doing the selling. People buy from people…that has always been a fundamental truth of commerce.

Now though, the seller doesn’t just have to be personable (although they do need that as well) they have to be knowledgable. They have to look like an expert because if I were trying to sell you something why would take advice and guidance from me (or even listen to me) if I didn’t know what I was talking about?

So, as a buyer you are looking for a personal connection with the seller and you are looking for a seller that can shepherd you through the difficulties of buying a complex product or service. And if they’re good, and they teach you lots so you can make an informed decision, then you will gladly buy from them.

This whole process doesn’t involve the corporate marketing machine any more. In fact the corporate marketing machine might even hinder the process. It makes perfect sense…you know it does.

So in this ideal future where the customer facing people have the power and the knowledge what is the marketing department there to do?

Well, much of what we do these days is teaching marketing departments how to be part of the upskilling and empowerment process. Working with the individuals who are at the from line helping them to become through leaders…and even famous in their field.

This is what the marketing of the future should look like…no damn it…this is what the marketing department of today should look like! And if you get it right…the benefits to you and the business will far outweigh any risk. The difficulty, as always, is actually doing it!

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