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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

It’s been great to be in Australia (and Singapore) for the last three weeks, a burst of warmth whilst England has been gripped by yet more snow, and a chance to work with some great companies, courtesy of our friend Graham Hawkins from Salestribe.

One of the things that has struck me this trip is that we travel quite literally, to the other side of the planet and what we see is that people…are people. Everywhere. In the last few years I have worked in Europe, America, Middle East, the Far East and Australasia and, despite of the cultural peculiarities of each region (including my own), people are the same. Everywhere.

Because of that, social media (which is really just a reflection of people) is the same. Everywhere.

People go on to Linkedin and promote what it is that they do when they’re at work. They go on to Facebook and talk about what they’re doing with their families. They go on to Instagram and share pictures of where they’ve been and what they’ve done…and it doesn’t matter where they are north or south, rich or poor, big or small.

So EVERY single organisation needs to think about what this means to them, their customers and what they should be doing to try and engage them. Whether you are  global company or a tiny startup it doesn’t matter, your customers are there…on social…ALWAYS.

You will have heard this before of course…you know this to be true of course…you’ve seen the “old ways” being less and less effective of course…but what have you actually done?

I will wager, you have done NOTHING.

Remember MySpace? The largest website on the internet? Remember Kodak? The worlds largest photography company? Remember Nokia? The world’s largest mobile phone company? Or Blackberry? Or Toys-R-Us? Or Saab? Or any one of the other thousands of profitable companies that didn’t think they were in trouble when they stopped engaging their customers?

If you’re not very careful indeed…that’s you at some point in the future.

So what can you do…what SHOULD you do? Well, it starts with putting the customer first. And that means talking to those customers where THEY choose to reside…and that’s on social, and as I have seen social really is a global solution.

If you would like to talk about how a global social solution could be within your grasp, please get in touch.

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