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As we head in to Christmas everything will stop…

…but you shouldn’t and here’s why

By Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

We work with lots of companies to help them develop their social presence. Often this takes the form of working with them to use social selling as a way of growing their visibility, their pipeline and their sales. As with so much in the social world, a strong personal brand is central to creating the right impression and to generating opportunities.

The challenge for many people is that they find it very hard to write their personal profiles in an interesting and engaging way.

It’s not surprising really because for so long they have viewed their LinkedIn profile as a CV online. And whilst it may well help you to get a job if you write it as such, it certainly won’t help you with your current job. Writing a compelling profile requires people to adapt a style which may seem alien to them.

The effort is worth it!

Developing this style takes some time and certainly some effort…but it’s worth it. If you assume that the two primary channels for social selling are LinkedIn and Twitter, together that’s almost a billion people who could see this profile. That’s certainly worthy of some attention don’t you think?

The challenge is that too many people write “I am an experienced and self-motivated problem solver who loves challenges and enjoys being a team player…” or something similar. This style of writing is dull (because everyone does it), it’s not believable (because everyone does it) and it certainly doesn’t differentiate you (because every does it!).

What you need to do is to make your profiles “buyer-centric”…a style where the focus of the benefits about which you write is the reader, rather than you. “My 10 years in this industry of solving problems for my customers means that I have become both their trusted advisor and, in many cases, their friend…”

Love what you do and make it clear

You also need to make your profiles reflect the passion and love for what you do (I assume you are passionate and love it…because it you aren’t/don’t you’re in the wrong job!) because if you aren’t passionate about it…why should I, the buyer be?

“The most rewarding element of my job and the thing that fires me up every morning is the fact that my team makes a real difference to the organisations with which we work…they are more profitable, more stable and….” you get the idea.

The best Christmas present you could have

Now, developing this technique of writing, a technique which engages the reader and draws them in isn’t easy because it’s often at odds with all of the “business writing” that you have done. It is worth developing because it will pay dividends. And what better time is there to develop this style?

At Christmas of course, because you will be able to invest time during the holiday season that simply isn’t available at other times of the year and really find your voice.

So, what better Christmas present could you have than a shiny new profile?

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