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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

As part of our Social Selling / Employee Advocacy program here at Digital Leadership Associates we teach people how to blog.

Blogging is a great way for sales people and employees to demonstrate they are “experts”. We know that any buyer that is looking for an expert to solve their problem and through blogging, you too can be an expert. 

Blogging is so simple and is such a quick and easy way for you to get recognition and build your personal brand.

The mistake people make is that they try and cram as many facts as they can. Think about a White Paper, nobody reads them, because they are too long and they are crammed full of facts. If we did read white papers, we know we will only ever remember one thing. Similar to fact based training, somebody turns up with 150 power points and you walk away, remembering only one thing. So write about one thing.

Write about something we see everyday so that people can connect, and don’t sell. You don’t need to, if somebody walks away having read your article, it’s enough that they remember you. Nobody likes being sold to, so don’t do it. If you can, add some humour.

I’ve written you an example below, only 337 words, but straightforward and one message.

Why I Let Buses Pull Out 

The other day I was driving past Hampton Court on the outskirts of London and a bus was indicating to pull out. Cars just drove past refusing to let it pull out. As I approached the bus, I flashed my lights to let the bus pull out. The bus driver flashed his or her hazard lights in appreciation.

It was at that point, as I drove on, that I started thinking that in life it is great to have a common curtesy. Saying please and thank you. The same on social media. It is after all social and media, with an emphasis on the word social.

LinkedIn is a great example, I do (I may have missed one or two) try and answer all the comments people leave. If people have taken the time to leave a message, comment, whatever the opinion, I will try and answer.

That said, on social, comments and actions should be insightful, educational or drive the debate forward. I so often see people making comments, often through automation where the comment or post seems to be just for the sake of it. 

There are two great quotes in the world of social media, that I recommend to live by.

“Do onto others, as they do on to you.”

“if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Twitter used to have this thing called “Follow Friday”, which was where you would recommend cool people or cool Twitter handles to other people.  Follow Friday has fallen by the wayside, but now people just seem to tag people for tagging people sake.  Then people respond and say thank you.  Which again is seen by the people that were tagged.  Then conversations take place and you are dragged into “conversation”.  It reminds me of email and when people copy all.

Now back to London Buses, I’m going to leave you with a song by

Transport of delight –  Flanders and Swann via @YouTube

So there you go.

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