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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

It’s funny isn’t it. Every time you switch on LinkedIn you see loads of “awards dinner’ photos of people being given a trophy for the “most successful door to door vacuum cleaner salesperson in High Street Luton” or “best advert placed between 9.10 and 9.20 on a Thursday” or some other nonsense.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of awards that do actually mean something. There are plenty of awards that are, dare I say, impressive…but most aren’t.

Perhaps I am an old cynic, perhaps when I see that someone is a “Top 6 global…” I see that as being that there are FIVE PEOPLE BETTER…and therefore you are 6th choice.

Now, I do think this may be seen as a rather negative sort of post, but I think that it just highlights that businesses (and individuals) are in a panic. They are scrabbling around for some content that they hope will elevate them, or engage their audience, or entertain. Well this IS NOT IT.

Tim, my co-founder, always says about writing things that are “buyer centric” and that is so crucial. Hearing about your awards dinner down’s not educate, empower or engage me…it is just noise.

You need to find content which does all of the things that great content does. It should educate. It should empower. It should charm, and engage and make people laugh. It should impress people and make them say “wow.” It should not make them feel that they have wasted 3 minutes of their life reading it in the hope of finding out something that will better enable them to do their job or to impress ethic next client.

Let’s be honest, you have all of these things at your fingertips. YOU are the expert. YOU know way more than your client does. YOU are in the position where you can upskill your audience and make them love you.

So don’t be so lazy. Don’t think that a photo of you in evening dress holding a cheap glass trophy for being the most successful salesperson in your kitchen, because it simply won’t wash.

Written by Adam Gray – 3 times winner of best writer at his desk.

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