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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Whenever you prospect whatever method you use, there are always going to be 5 different responses:-

  1. No Responce
  2. Please go away
  3. Yes, interested
  4. Sorry, purchased one of these X weeks ago
  5. Interested but contact me in x weeks or months time

This blog is about option 5 and how you, as a salesperson can nurture these people, and in many cases accelerate the point where they are interested.

The Digital Marketing Response and Why That Fails

Digital marketers will tell you that the response to this is marketing automation.  They are right, but are also wrong.  Digital marketing sells this world where the prospect is served up a new piece of contact at just the right time.  The problem is two fold.  First somebody has to write this content and often marketers will expect a marketing agency to do this (they won’t do it themselves) and don’t have the budget to do this.

Thank about it, you need to craft content to exactly match the (location, vertical market and business) requirements of the prospect.  Organisations often require literally thousands of pieces of content.

The second problem is one of personalisation.  Since, Seth Gothin wrote “Permission Marketing” back in 1999, we all wanted everything to be personalised.  You may have the best piece of copy in the world, the best photography, the best segmentation but if you call me Tom, I will delete it.

To be honest, I delete pretty much all “one to many” emails as they are written in the same format, saying the same things about you company.  Another blog for another day.

Using Social To Nurture

The cheapest (well it’s only the cost of LinkedIn and your time) is to post insightful comments on LinkedIn.  Which you will already be doing as part of your prospecting and as part of your acceleration of your prospects through the pipeline.  Same effort, this isn’t additional effort.

As mentioned in my book “Social Selling – Techniques to Influences Buyers and Changemarkers” available on Amazon, you should use the 4-1-1 technique.

That’s 4 articles on the subject area you have decided to be famous for, curated using a tool such as Flipboard.  Again a free app you can download.  1 article that you write yourself.  And finally an article about yourself to give your postings a human element.  Something you are interested in.

How Many Times A Day Should You Post on Social?

On LinkedIn, our recommendation would be once a day, it is after all important that you stay present in front of your prospects and customers.  Once a day of insightful / educational content is enough to keep “waving”back at them.

If you do this in a programatic way, you should find that:-

  1. People find you are approach you as the solution to their problem. Eliminating number 4. above where people have purchased from your competition, because they didn’t know about you.  This will take business from your competition.
  2. You can accelerate your prospects through the pipeline, creating a atmosphere of FOMO.
  3. You will accelerate your prospects to wanting to talk to about actual projects, which is the objective of this blog.

All by posting at least once on LinkedIn.  We are amazed why you wouldn’t do it. If you would like to talk to us about how we can teach your organisation to think this we would love to hear from you.

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