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There simply isn’t enough time for me to run my social properties…

By Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

…is what we often hear from people when we talk about social media and what needs to happen for them to be successful.

I can understand this. There is a lot to do…but it’s important to look at the prize and then work out the effort and changes required to get there. It’s worth it.

Let me briefly talk about that “prize” so that we can give it some context (I don’t want this to be a discussion item, I’m just saying it as I see it). Marketing doesn’t work, you avoid ads, put junk mail in the recycling, and automatically bin all emails which look like they might be spam. You simply don’t give me the opportunity to get a toe-hold. Sales, in its old form, is dead. Cold calling, networking, prospecting simply don’t work the way they used to. Where you once needed to make 10 calls to get a meeting, now it’s 100 or 200.

I know what you’re thinking: “but I know a company that regularly gets x leads a week”. Good, but that is not the norm, the norm is what I just described.

More than half the world is listening

Social media now contains over 50% of the world’s population and year-on-year people spend more time interacting on social than they did before. So this is this is the prize. The prize is that you have access to a vast number of people who want to spend their time interacting with others (including your sales teams).

So, given that this is something worth getting your teeth in to it should just be a case of finding a method or a process of doing it.

This morning as I write another blog, Tim (my co-founder) is in Florida relaxing before he does a day of training for a new client. Sitting by the pool he writes a blog…then another…then another. Then he informed me that it was only 11.20. So, we can safely assume that there will be more blogs incoming before the end of the day.

He has honed his blog-writing technique (as many of us have) so that a blog is a 30 minute exercise. This means that a train journey, or a gap between meetings (or a spell by the pool) can become very productive.

Use your down time wisely

So, what I’m saying is that there’s lots of down time…you just have to use it. You need to clear a little bit of room in your day and use this to be productive in creating content because this is the key to 21st century success. Content can be video, it can be blogs, it can be photos, but it has to be yours, it has to resonate with your audience and it has to be regular.

We are just a handful strong and we produce 20+ pieces of unique content per week. Week after week after week. This generates inbound enquiries and sales and it will for you too. We write about everything we do and everything we know. We give away some of our best ideas and this teaches our audiences what they need to do and helps them get better at doing it. Then, when they are much much better, they are much more able to understand and see just how very good we are at whet we do…and we really are very good indeed!

You can do exactly the same, but you just need to roll-up your sleeves and do it. Do it today, do it tomorrow and do it every day. Sooner than you think your writing and tweeting will be doing all of the work for you.

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