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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

People often ask me what makes an A-Player salesperson and how can we take our B-Players and turn them into A-Players?

While I don’t have any formal research as part of the sales transformation at a previous company, I did interview a number of the A-Players to find out if there was a common thread and there was.

So what is an A-Player?

For me an A-Player salesperson is somebody that consistently does their number. Everybody has one good year in their life, but this is a consistency. So what did I found was common amongst the people I interviewed? Some of the things might surprise you?

By-the-way, if you have any thoughts or research on this, please share in the comments below or email me

  1. Training – Every quarter they would attend a training course. The feedback was they needed to constantly be learnng. B-Players always said they didn’t have time.
  2. Focus – A-Players always wanted less accounts. It was interesting that they often had “black books” of a few accounts. One person we interviewed had 200 connections in one account. B-Players always wanted more accounts and more products to sell.
  3. Referrals and Community – A-Players would often get “in-bound” from within their accounts. This would because they had become “trusted advisors” and they would be referred. In fact they would have created a community but wouldn’t have realised it. A-Players often would have discussions where the customer, where the customer would ask “we have this problem, would your solution work for us?”
  4. Rubbish at taking holiday – Considering how good A-Players were good at organisation, they always never ended taking their holiday entitlement. Or taking the holiday and working.
  5. Always talked about “we”, A-Players realised that sales was a “team sport” and they were excellent at mobilising internal and external resources. After all, we all want to be associated with success.
  6. Never complain – It was interesting whatever “the corporation” threw at these people, they never complained. You want the CRM updated with more detail, nothing, you want this spreadsheet filled in, no complaints. They always did it and provided it on time, but never complained.

I’m not saying that if you do these things you will be an A-Player, there are many attributes that make a good salesperson. A good dose of individualism for example, as I say about these are the commonalities.

Taking B-Players and turning them into A-Players isn’t easy, worth reading Lee Bartlett’s Book “Number One Best Seller”

I highly recommend Lee to follow, he’s writes some great articles. Well researched and great structure.

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