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by Ian Moyse | @imoyse

A picture paints a thousand words, but a moving image tells a story. Video traffic is expected to be responsible for the overwhelming majority of internet traffic by 2021 according to recent Cisco research. Last year it accounted for 73% of global IP traffic.

The average attention span according to the US National Library of Medic in is 8 seconds. On Social with so much going on and a transient audience your 1st job is to get the audience to stop scrolling fast enough to notice your post, the 2nd is to get them to watch and engage with it. If you fail on the 1st the chance of the 2nd is zero.  Scroll through a social feed and the most likely shares to grab your attention are those with some sort of image, be it still or moving.

Still image has an impact; previous stats from Twitter have shown that photos generate 313% more engagement than those posts without. However, video is even more powerful, with such content on twitter 6 times more likely to be retweeted and moving Gifs at 2nd 3 times more retweeted than those with standard photos.

I often test this on marketing people when asking what they could improve, Get them go to their feed (do it yourself) and blank your mind and scroll and tell me which ones you notice and/or stop to look at. It is ones with images and interesting ones. Moving images in particular grab attention due to the psychology way our minds interpret what they see, hence the growth of animated GIFS and videos in our feeds.

A Facebook IQ study found that people watched video content on Facebook and Instagram 5x longer than they did for static content.

This behaviour is rooted deeply in our psyche from ancestors need for self-preservation, our brains having a built-in mechanism to keep us aware of things happening around us. ‘Passive attention’ as it is called, automatically draws us to peripheral movement in order to evaluate its potential threat. Take sirens, warning lights, etc – why do their lights move of flash, it is to draw attention using this basic fundamental of the human brain.

Some simple stats to whet your appetite;

  • Tweets with images generate 3X more engagement than basic text tweets
  • Tweets with GIFs generate 6X more engagement than basic text updates
  • Tweets with video generate 9X more engagement than basic text updates
  • Posts with videos generate 3 x more inbound links thank plain text posts
  • Consumers are 85% more likely to purchase after watching a video
  • Online video add revenue is growing more than 110% per year more than any other advertising.

So, taking it that video is the way to go, where do you start to produce good new video content for use on social without breaking the bank?  I have found a number of useful and affordable tools for the Individual influencer or business to use that helps you to produce grabbing, professional video content quickly.

  • Fiverr – A great site I have used many a time – a sort of ebay where people sell their skills, many selling video production very cheaply – for example you can get many gigs for $5 or $10 high quality product video such as this example
  • PROMO – is a favourite of mine, choose from a large library of pre-set videos, search by theme, add your text and hey presto in a few minutes you have a social video ready to use. Has some near humours and engaging videos and a large library all online.
  • Reevio is a great piece of software with a large digital assets library
  • Wave Video is another similar platform to Reevio if you wish to do it youself and includes a volume asset library to pick from

The growing trend is also to include text or a transcript on a video so that someone watching it on a social feed can do so and understand it without the sound on!  A great way to get this done is to engage a new world Video company such as Cloud Moves TV who is pioneering a new look and feel to quick professional video grabbers.

Video tends to put people into defer mode as it feels like it’s going to be a lot of effort, time and cost. If you agree with what you read here – now is the time to jump on board be it in a basic way to dip a toe in the water, well do one for this next campaign through to  a more structured, well do 20 videos over the next 12 months. Whichever your choice, I encourage you to dabble and find out how quick and easy and more satisfying this medium is.

Remember it’s all about grabbing attention. You can write the best blog post in the world (an effort in itself), but if no one finds it that has been a pointless and no value exercise.

If you would like to learn about how to create great and engaging content…get in touch.

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