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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

When I first moved from “digital marketing” so social media, some 10 years ago I had a successful design agency catering for SME businesses, and selling social media to these organisations seemed like the obvious next step in my development.

These are small (less than 500 staff) agile businesses who should have been able to pivot on the spot and embrace social media…and all of the benefits it would offer them. But…sadly…they didn’t.

It seemed that despite my best efforts they were genuinely scared. Scared that it would be a waste of time. Scared that they might say the wrong thing. Scared that they might have nothing to say. But the big inhibitor was fear. But there was another problem…lack of in-house skills or so they thought.

After writing my fist book Brilliant Social Media (published by Pearson) my personal viability increased and I was recruited to work at Oracle Corporation as Head of Client Social Media for EMEA – working with Oracle’s biggest and best clients who wanted to embrace social media in their businesses. This was thrilling because I would be able to take all of the things I had learned working in the SME space and apply them to large businesses. Megabrands with global footprints. Clearly these well funded organisations would employ the best staff, there would be no skills gaps and they above all others would understand the imperative of change and embracing new ideas right? After all these companies had got to where they got through innovation in one form or another!


Not only did these organisation have the same fears, neuroses and skills gaps as their smaller counterparts…they also had corporate inertia.

So, why am I saying this?

Because despite the fact that your business has competitors. Despite the fact that social media has been around for over a decade. Despite the fact that you haven’t yet embraced social media in a meaningful way yet…it’s not too late for you.

There still exists a window of opportunity for you to grasp social media and use it to gain significant competitor advantage because the chance are that none of the companies with which you compete are probably any further along the journey than you are.

But you need to act and soon. With the spectre of GDPR about to change the landscape of what you can do with customer data the existing digital marketing strategies you have created may not be much use to you next year and you can rest assured that your competition won’t be sitting still. The cold hard fact is that from 2018 onwards…social is probably the only game in town!

If you would like to discuss how social media could revolutionise your marketing…and your sales…and so much within your business, get in touch here

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