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Yes, accountants are jumping on the sales guru bandwagon!

If you think about it, it makes sense, accountants run businesses and many large companies will be audited by accountants so why would’t they transform your sales team?  As you can imagine that in these roles they have the “ear” of the C-Suite so when the CEO asks who can I get to update my Salesforce with social selling, the accountants raise their hands and say, we can.

After all how difficult can it be?  All salespeople do all day is swan around, the products literally sell themselves.  I just jest of course, but after reading a brochure from a set of accountants on how they can transform your sales team, I wondered where this could go wrong?

1.Inside out or outside in? – One of the issues we see with accountants is they see everything as being about efficiency. How do we take what we have and make it more efficient! –  I recall a set of accountants advising a company to remove the sales people from around the country and have a call centre.  Stripping out travel and expenses as well as reducing the experience (and cost) of the sales team.  Social Selling actually gives companies the ability to incrementally increase sales by 20 – 30%. It would take a brave accountant to actually want to grow a company and take incremental sales growth as a contractual commitment.

2.Social Media track record – whenever you hire somebody to help you with social media, please, please, please, check them out on social first. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. If they are going to train or advise you, are they the high water mark you would expect.  If they are going to train you on personal branding, then, they of course have a great personal brand.  How on on earth as you going to get a team to take on board new working practices if the trainers don’t walk the walk.

3.In all our experience, salespeople want to be trained by salespeople. Again, check your advisors out online. Do they have the relevant background. If they are to train your sales team, have they actually “carried a bag”?  You could expend a lot of political capital internally only for your new advisors to be rejected by your salesforce. The last thing you want is people that did sales as an option at University or think about it theoretically.  Sales trainers need to lead from the front, have the war stories and be out there as sales evangelists that your sales team will respect.

4.Being a CRM expert, is not sales expert – We understand that people can implement a CRM and therefore get a feeling that as they understand a sales process, they understand sales itself. This is a bit like reading a book on brain surgery and then expecting to operate.  Strangely, we were recently hired by a CRM implementation company to teach them about sales.  I’m sure all sales people will agree that we have to face with rejection of cold calling, the joy of getting a meeting, the thought we go through to progress a deal and the elation of closing. None of this can be learnt at a university, writing a thesis or implementing a CRM.

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