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by Ian Moyse | @imoyse

Want another ‘oh my god’ social media moment?  Then Read on!

We have undoubtedly all heard about the Facebook – Cambridge Analytica scandal and the ongoing rumbles and concerns over our own data’s privacy and how our data is being used.

Well here comes another one that is going to cause concern.

There is a free Facebook scanner that in seconds will reveal vast amounts of information about you and others (you know you are going to look up your friends when you read this….). Information that Facebook has tracked and created, such as what they have liked, what they have commented on, where they have visited, what the users friends have liked, what apps they use, and more. All of this nicely presented and grouped and searchable, not intermixed and hidden away! This free tool in seconds reveals deep data about you from your Facebook profile – to anyone. So if you can do it so can companies and those with malicious intentions!

In seconds through this free tool anyone can lookup (unless you really have locked down your privacy settings – and who has or knows how to do that in the majority?) a lot more from Facebook than I bet you ever thought.

It is obvious, is it not? That you likely don’t want everyone to know what you like, as it easily allows them to profile you, target you and identify aspects of your very personality to any stranger on the net.

So, I bet you have skipped ahead to hear or been waiting for the ‘how do I try this’. How do I look myself up to see what can be seen? Will you be shocked at what this reveals? So here we go…

You need to take 2 key steps to reveal all;

    • Use a free tool at to find out the ID number of the facebook profile. Simply put in the URL of your target Facebook profile in this tool, click ‘Lookup, wait a few seconds (where it may look like its doing nothing) and a box will appear at the bottom of the screen with a long number (this is your Facebook Account ID number, which every account has).


  • Copy this number and go to the scary site in question at and paste this into the field labelled Facebook user number – click on GO and this will copy this into all the search fields below.

Once this is done simply click on any of the GO boxes next to what you wish to view – such as ‘places liked’ and the tool will open a new Facebook unique page showing all the results.

You may find a lot of information that people (or yourself) would rather keep under wraps.  Cambridge Analytica and this tool are only the beginning of the Kimono that is opening up to public awareness.

GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation) may be termed a pain through the effort it is causing companies, but the time is now for those with access to our data to be enforced to take heed, to take care and to be policed to protect our data and how it can be used. Data Laws have been long due an overhaul and the wake of news stories will see citizens high fiving the GDPR powers bought to them.

We live in an age where to not be on the internet and/or Social Media (Web 2.0) it risks putting you at a disadvantage in your studies, your career, through to being left out of group events and social circles.

But taking part has its own risks and these are far from resolved – more bad news will be coming, as the realities of what the last 15 years of rapid technology development has bought us gets exposed in its sometimes-brutal realities.

Be Afraid, Very Afraid!

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