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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Was recently reading some comments on LinkedIn and I had to laugh….

“I stopped cold calling and using content marketing over 10 years ago…. “

“The clever people have been using social for over 10 years … “

Not sure if you have heard the saying, but, “nobody likes a smart arse”. In real life or on-line.

I know you want to come across as somebody that knows what they are talking about, but being a smart arse isn’t big or clever.

Think about it.

You are at a dinner party and somebody dominates the conversation, they don’t listen to what other people say, they push their agenda and the subjects they want to talk about.

It’s rude and the person will probably not get asked back. If it’s rude in real life, don’t do it on social. Please!

The next thing is please don’t sell or pitch your produces. I know we are taught to pitch in sales from an early age, again it’s rude.

Somebody I don’t know, pitched me the other day about their marketing automation software.

There are 1000’s of marketing automation products and anybody who knows me will one know here at DLA we don’t believe in in.  It’s mechanised spam anyway.

So pitching to me is a waste of your time.

Also just turning up and pitching me is like turning up on a first date and proposing marriage. We might get married, but I need to get to know you first.

I see this time after time on Social, pitching and trying to be clever ……

Nobody likes it, it makes you look unattractive (the opposite) of what you want. So my advice is to stop it.

After all that, I’m guessing that you will be “too clever” to read this.

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