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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_hughes

If you are thinking about investing in “AI” as the new shiny tool that will save your pipeline, close rate, customer acquisition – I implore you, don’t. 

AI is not going to solve your issue. Data is going to solve your issue. More importantly Data led insight is going to not only solve the issue, but move the conversation to a completely different place. 

AI, or more aptly, a computer programme, is the agent which will process the data you provide it. Remember, these are really dumb machines until you teach them. Much like you wouldn’t expect a baby to read and interpret Shakespeare, why you would you expect AI to do the same? You have to give it Data to learn from and direction on what it’s doing right or wrong. Just look at early versions of the self driving car….not good if you were a pedestrian. 

The chances are that your already have the AI technology in place you need and the data source :

  • CRM Data either in a system or excel
  • Marketing Data as above
  • Some kind of website analytics
  • You may have some marketing automation 
  • LinkedIn or the supercharged version Sales Navigator 

This is more than enough to get you going. There is technology available which is now solving the technology you bought to solve the problem of the problem. This is bordering on insanity. You need to start following the lead of agile

You have access to more than enough data and access to data to shake a stick at. CRM, Marketing, Website analytics, client listening/ feedback – this is the bare minimum. If you don’t have this, well, either give up and go home, or sort it now. These processes I was implementing 10 years ago, there is zero excuse to not being executing the basics today. 

It comes down to this. What problem are you trying to answer for the customer? To solve that problem what questions do you need to be asking of the data? Which then will lead to what input do you need to give you the data to answer the question. Only then do you start to look at how and where technology can support you in finding these answers. 

Inspired by Alex Smith

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