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byAdam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

I like to think of myself as an innovative person. Not so much an entrepreneur, but definitely an ideas man. So, being that I’m also a control freak it leaves me in a bit of a dilemma. I love new ideas…but only if they’re mine!

I’m sure that I’m not the only person who feels this way. In fact, to a greater or lesser extent, I’m sure that pretty much everyone can empathise with this problem/issue/way of thinking. So, here I am, sitting with our North American team getting increasingly upset…or at least a little vexed…because after 10 straight days of “training and explaining” with them about how they should be doing things they have embraced “my” ideas and have started to come up with their own ideas…some of them are better than anything I could have come up with.

This has been a tough thing for me to come to terms with. I have, however, got to admit that there is a certain element of pride in what I’m seeing.

So this got me to thinking. Thinking about what we offer and thinking about how we empower and  educate our licensees (and clients) to be social media experts and rockstars. It got me to thinking that even though we at Digital Leadership Associates have built what we like to think is the world’s best social selling programme…and what we like to think is the world’s best social strategy programme…we don’t have the monopoly of good ideas.

So we want to make sure that we capture all of the great thinking and the great work being done by all of our associates and global licensees to make the programme better for everyone. We have a process for how we broadcast information and how we upskill people as the come onboard, but it’s only in the last week where we have created a process for collecting all of the input from the others’ and folding it in to the programmes that we have.

But the speed at which our widespread team have embraced our thinking and the innovation that they have shown (and how we’re going to have to capture this) makes me think that all organisations should be looking to the people they teach and work with to help them develop the programmes and the thinking that they have. The concept of “the wisdom of crowds” is what means that on “who wants to be a millionaire” when you ask the audience you always get the right answer and when you train a large enough number of people who are all eager to do their best work, there’s a fantastic opportunity for you to gather that insight in to large audience that “IS NOT YOU” to help offset your own weaknesses and prejudices and beliefs in to something altogether more rounded and appropriate.

So, whilst I do think of myself as an innovative person I have had to admit that not only am I not the only innovative person…I am probably not even the MOST innovative person!

Collecting this information and doing something worthwhile with it might just be the difference between being good…and being brilliant!

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