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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

Want to know a secret? A lot of business success can be attributed to the unwitting storytellers among us: leaders who passionately narrate their visions to inspire change; account reps who conceptualise products or services through real-life examples …

My Co-Founder, Adam Gray and I have just returned from a back to back meetings and workshops in Singapore and Australia.

One meeting we had at Microsoft in Singapore as it hit home the fact that as a business we can be very fact based.

  • How many people do you employ?
  • What is your SSI score?
  • How Long have you been in business?
  • How Long Have you Been in Social Selling?

And in the world of tech and Anglo-Saxon (US, UK, etc) this is very much the norm on how you sell.

But we so often forget, what is our purpose / story.

Adam and my purpose is … we set up DLA to change the world.

Our story …. When we were thinking of setting up the company, we got together and talked about our pasts.  Previous jobs and our hopes for the future.

It was during that discussion that we realised that we both wanted to change the world with social media and we had always wanted to make a difference.

And that is what we do!

It’s also interesting to know that Cian Mcloughlin the “win / loss” guy in Australia, has done extensive research on why deals are lost and it isn’t price or product … the number one reason why people lose deals, is that they don’t articulate the company’s purpose!

Often in the sales process we are too quick to pile into the facts and we actually need to step back and explain the purpose.

The way it was explained to us in Singapore was, yes, of course we will ask to hear the facts, but we might not listen to the answers.  If we understand your purpose and like it, then we will surely listen. 

Words of wisdom and a great learning.

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