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Why Riding the London Underground Is Like Social Selling

By Alex Low | @Alexander_Low

If you live in London like I do, or have been fortunate enough to visit, you will no doubt have used the world famous “Underground” or “Tube”. 

The map of all the stations is like a work of art, famously designed by Harry Beck. It’s a great visual representation of all the lines and helps people get from a to b, in the most easy and straightforward way. For the most part, it works really well, and gets you where you want to be.

Social Selling London Underground

Much like when you buy something, you want the buying journey to be as easy as possible, with no interruption. And if there is an interruption, you ideally want it on your terms, not the train’s.

This might be when you reach an interchange, or decide to get off one stop early to walk, or even decide on a new destination entirely half way through your journey. 

Mind the gap!

Things start to get frustrating when things don’t work as they should do, or when humans cause a problem. Leaning on the doors (a daily problem on the northern line); someone pulls the emergency alarm, not at a station; or as today, there was a fight, in rush hour, so the entire train was taken out of service and the journey was badly disrupted.

If you have a bad experience as I did, the stress gets to you. You may well switch lines, as I did, and take a different route to my destination.

It’s the same for the buyer and their buying journey. They do not like being interrupted during a busy day. They will have a million and one other things to be dealing with, other than your sale. And this is the point of social selling. If executed well, and using all the other intent data that is readily available, you should know when to contact the buyer. Be that by phone, email, face-to-face, social – whatever their preferred channel.

Create an easy social selling journey

They will choose to get on and off that buying journey when it suits them, not when dictated by you. You can certainly help them along their way and give them helpful advice. Such as “mind the gap” or “please do not lean on the doors” which is essential if you ever use the Northern Line at rush hour.

The point is this – your buyer has many options, and many routes to the same destination. Make sure they are all easy, comfortable and with no interruption.

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