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Using Sales Navigator in Q4 to Smash your Q1 and Q2 Number!

By Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

We have just won a piece of business with a large global company. While I cannot tell you the name of that company, I can share with you their business issues and the solution.

The company has an issue where there is little or no prospecting in Q4 to help with the Q1 and Q2 number.

Sailing with Sales Navigator

So, we have created a series of weekly Sales Navigator webinars that cover all the different areas of functionality and processes you would expect.

There is a clear difference between using a tool and using Sales Navigator from a process prospective.  For example, we were asked about in-mails.  We hardly ever use them. You don’t need to.  For example, this is a large company, it has a massive opportunity to use TeamLink and referrals.

No need for cold calls

For example, we ran a dinner in London the other week where 25 CMOs attended. We got them all there through social.  No cold calls, no cold outreach emails, no use of email databases.

We are also going to show the client how to sell into competitor accounts, and how to monitor your clients in case your competition tries to do the same back to you.  In fact, we set up a program that will support Account Based Marketing (ABM), using what we call Account Based Intelligence (ABI) for the sales guys.

Worth me saying again, this isn’t Sales Navigator training although we are using this tool. It is a social selling program to support the client’s prospecting and ABM aspirations.

The final word is that this program will be rolled out globally, so although when Adam Gray and I first launched Digital Leadership Associates we focused on the U.K. and Europe, we are now able to support our global clients.

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