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By Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

Social media sometimes provides interesting insights into the human psyche. How people, despite their own experiences, sometimes fail to see and believe what’s going on. Whilst travelling to Canada I had an experience of this which made me smile and made me think about how so many people are squandering opportunities and their talents.

As Tim and I sat in the meeting with our new Canadian licensee talking about how we were going to develop North America we were visited by a friend of our partner. A charming man who both Tim and I immediately warmed to. As the conversations developed he asked us to “sell him the benefit of social media.”

Following digital footprints

So we did. We explained the changes in buyer behaviour, we spoke about how people’s choices were influenced by one’s digital footprint, we spoke about the impact that GDPR (or other data security legislation) was having and would continue to have on other digital marketing techniques. We gave the whole “pitch” for social, but this person was for some reason unconvinced. As the conversation developed I really couldn’t see how they could hold this view…because…

He was using social media most days, and by all accounts he was using it well. Very well indeed.

This person has grown a large and very well engaged network of people who were reading their posts and were responding to them with large volumes of shares, likes and comments. Amazingly, he was even reaping tangible benefits from their social presence, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it. When I say, reaping tangible benefits, he had just the other week sold a car via a LinkedIn post. Not just any car either, an extremely valuable exotic Italian supercar which found a buyer the very same day it was posted.

When we flagged-up that this “could be seen” as a very tangible example of social media working it still fell on deaf ears.

Don’t be a victim of change

Obviously, this is not a criticism of the person, merely an observation. An observation we see time and again in one form or another. People not seeing the opportunity that social media presents for their business. Instead they are holding on to less efficient, less effective ways of doing things.

However, we see time and again the damage that a failure to embrace new ideas can have in businesses. Don’t let your business become a victim of change.

Remember Kirstan Drath’s comment on the acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone division by Microsoft – “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow we lost”.

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Photo credit: Norbert Aepli, Switzerland

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