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Six Mistakes You Will Probably Make When You Try to Socialise Your Organisation

By Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

  1. Not planning

From time to time we see organisations that have decided they want to socialise because they have an eye on the grand prize. So off they set, and they work really hard and invest a lot of time and effort…but it usually just ends-up being a few random acts of social rather than a coherent change programme that will leave a lasting impact.

  1. Assuming it will happen

Social is easy right? My kids do it…your kids do it…even you and I do it…so surely the company can do it too because we all know what social is about. You would think it would be that easy wouldn’t you, but with all the companies we have worked with they have learned that it isn’t that easy, any more than making a profitable business is easy or hiring the right people is easy. There MUST be clear policies, guidelines and measures in place. There must be a programme of upskilling and mentorship in place. There must be some building blocks to help the individuals within the organisation see direction and guidance for the skills that they possibly already have.

  1. Not getting senior buy-in

If the people at the top don’t buy the vision for what needs to happen…it won’t. Yes, you may be able to get budget for some programmes and these may even deliver some significant benefits to the business but a full socialisation of the organisation is a transformational change and not one which will happen overnight. The key stakeholders and the C-Suite MUST be in this for the long term otherwise once again there will be pockets of social excellence but no joined-up thinking and delivery of the social dream.

  1. Not measuring success/ROI

Knowing that something is working and being able to show that something is working are not the same thing. At the outset of any project there must be clear objectives and measures to ensure that you know when you have achieved success or to know that you are on the right track. Merely “having the sense things are going well” doesn’t cut it and it may well torpedo your chances of scaling the programme across the organisation later on.

  1. Not PRing success/ROI

Linked to the previous point. You must tell people that the project is being successful as you go along. Despite people saying they will back you on this 18-24-36 month project, they won’t if they don’t think it’s moving in the right direction. So, you need to make sure that you PR the successes and progress back to senior people, key stakeholders and potential blockers at all stages of the project. You never know…it might get you a promotion too!

  1. Not recognising that this is not education

Although being part of a successful social transformation within an organisation will require elements of education along the way…it is really a change programme and this is as much about changing behaviours as it is about changing processes and organisational structure. People will default back to their usual way of doing things and breaking those habits will take time – that’s why the Digital Leadership Associates social selling programme is 12 weeks long and not two days. Because cramming people with information is easy…getting them to behave differently isn’t.

So there you have it, six things that you may or may not have thought about as you go through the socialisation programme within your business. It will be a long and arduous journey but as Gary Vaynerchuck said “the ROI of social is whether you’ll still be in business in five years”…so there are high stakes in this game!

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