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Social Apps Don’t Work? Try Changing Your Social Culture Instead

By Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

I recently spoke at a sales kickoff and one of the things we try and do before speaking in front of a large audience is get an understanding for what that audience thinks about social media, especially in the enterprise B2B (business-to-business) space.

One common comment we get is: “How do we streamline apps to ensure the best return on time? It’s too easy to become all consumed with social media.”

It’s true, we often find companies obsessed with tools and apps, rather than social selling as a process.

In fact, in our social selling training, while we do use LinkedIn as an example, if Facebook became the market leader B2B professional network, our training would easily translate to the other platform.  Our training is not about a tool, but empowers people to begin social selling.

In other words, there is a big difference between social selling and LinkedIn training.  LinkedIn is only 30% of your social presence for example.

So how do people streamline apps?  We have been into clients and been told “we purchased XYZ apps” but nobody uses them.  Or we purchased these apps and it does not seem to have made a difference.

No here’s the rub.

To be honest, you can buy as many apps as you want, but social selling is a process and culture, not an app. 

You need some fundamentals in place first:

Do you have a personal brand?

Does your organisation have senior management buy in and are they are also part of the journey?

What are the objectives and the desired outcome in revenue?

Do you have a social culture or plan to get one?

Then there needs to be a clear view on how the apps will add to that plan.  If there isn’t, cancel them.  Or if they are not being used, cancel them.

The real trick for all companies is that social selling should not be yet another thing that sales people have to do during the day.  If it is, it won’t be treated as a priority, just like updating the CRM isn’t seen as one.

A social culture is critical and I’m sorry, but you won’t get that from an article on the internet.

We are a social only company with just 12 people. We don’t advertise, we implement social selling principles and get three pieces of inbound every day.  Just imagine the transformation you would achieve if you scaled that across your organisation?  Plus the 20 – 30% sales revenue increase.

Sounds good?

Digital Leadership Associates: We are Global Social Media Management Consultancy. We do three things: Social Media StrategySocial Selling and Social Media Management. Drop us an email or call one of our founders on 00 44 7823 534 557 and let’s talk about how we can make an impact on your organisation.

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