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Social Isn’t Just for the Cool Kids

By Alex Low | @Alexander_Low

I am fortunate enough to sit on the board of the Army & Navy Club, known as The Rag. Recently I was at our annual club dinner. I don’t think the Chairman will mind me saying this; I am usually the youngest at these social gatherings by 20-30 years.

The Club is embarking on a transformational journey where the members have voted in favour for its redevelopment. This will mean disruption for all the members during the transition period.

GDPR: the end of email marketing?

Communication will be critical, as it is when commanding an army. I was chatting about this to a retired Major and we got onto the subject of email communications and marketing, which led to the impact GDPR is going to have on marketing and email lists.

He mused that his generation doesn’t really do social, so this might be a problem if email marketing declines in response to the new legislation. How will you reach that older audience? I challenged him and a few others on the table who had started to listen in.

WhatsApp. More popular than email

I asked, when was the last time that you opened a marketing email with genuine intent to buy something? Some of them even admitted they didn’t really use email. WhatsApp on the other hand. Different story altogether. 

I then said, what do you typically do when looking for a hotel, holiday or a new restaurant? Responses were a mix of looking on TripAdvisor or similar sites. Others asked friends or families for recommendations. I let them ponder on this and then guided them to what they typically did next, which is validate the recommendations they have been given by their friends or family. 

How? Googling, looking at reviews of recommendations by other people and star ratings. All of which influenced buying behaviours on their self-guided journey. 

We then got onto the subject of intent data and sentiment data, but that conversation was cut short by some amazing beef wellington.

We are all social

The point of this is: we are all social. It is just that the language and context vary when we describe our behaviour.

Sometimes, all it takes is just reframing what people are already doing, without even thinking about it.  And when you do that, you help them understand that social is for everyone in this digital age – not just the cool kids. 

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