Social Media Management

In an ideal world there wouldn’t be a social media management section on our website, because all of our clients would be doing it for themselves, but the real world is seldom ideal.


There is a paradox for most small and medium sized businesses wanting to use social media as a tool for their brand and their business and here it is:


To be a social organisation you must have a full time resource managing the social media presence, they must be experienced and they must be sophisticated because they are THE GLOBAL VOICE of your brand and that resource is not a small commitment. So it might be better if you, the Director of the business, does it? Except that you’re busy and, understandably, when a customer calls with some paid work for you that will always take priority. So you don’t run the social presence that hour, or day, or week…

You have to find good articles, you have to write good articles, you have to answer queries, you have to always be there listening, posting, engaging.


So the answer is that you have to employ someone, someone good…but that’s a difficult thing to justify when you only have 50 followers and no engagement as you’re just starting on your social journey. So we have a range of services to help you overcome these issues either on an ongoing basis or just to help out at times when your stretched. more