Social Media Strategy

A Social Media Strategy is crucial to every organisation. The importance of social media as a primary channel for communication is more important with each passing year. As 2017 sees the number of active social media users pass 2.75 billion* (a 21% increase in the last 12 months alone) the urgency to fully embrace social media within your business is increasing rather than easing.


* = source Digital in 2017 Global Report


Organisations that have a social media strategy and fully socialise are in a much better position to engage the huge population present and gain a significant advantage over their competitors.


We have a tried and tested “socialisation” programme which we have used on some of the world’s largest multi-national organisations (and some smaller ones too) and it is designed, not just to be clever, but to work! We recognise that changing the habits of staff is the greatest challenge of all, so our process promotes buy-in at all organisational levels and incentivises individuals and teams to become more social.


After talking to the key stakeholders and the project owner(s) to agree key deliverables, we run a series of workshops with activities which were developed specifically to help articulate the “social vision statement” for the organisation and not only align those key personnel behind the vision but to demonstrate to them the team’s belief in its importance.



Our programme includes modules which;


  • articulate your social vision
  • align teams behind that vision
  • set social goals
  • understand the barriers and challenges within your organisation
  • identify which building blocks need to be created
  • determine “what success looks like”
  • plot the “social success trajectory” and identify key milestones


However, running the programme, building the roadmap and creating the framework for success are only that start what’s next? more


Buy the book!

In our co-founder’s best selling book “Brilliant Social Media – how to start, refine and improve your social media business strategy”” he outlines the key building blocks for deploying social media within a business.

This may be good first step for you in the socialising process.