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Social Mis-Giving ?

By Ian Moyse | @IMoyse

With Christmas just past us, I reflected on some of the changes I have witnessed in the gift giving market, prompted by an email that caught my attention offering a new type of gift.

We are used to a world of gift vouchers. Back in the day they could be sent by post and were flexible for the recipient, especially if you did not want to risk giving a duplicate or unwanted gift.  This has moved on quickly to take advantage of the e-commerce world.

You can now design a personalised card in seconds on the likes of and have the card sent directly if you want.  Gifts can as easily be selected and delivered online. From giving an online subscription to a service such as Texture (a digital magazine service including 200 major magazines), to music (Amazon or Apple Music) all the way to Gamers Gate where recipients can stream the latest games.

No more ‘it’s just what I always wanted’

The one that caught my eye was gifting apps directly. Select the app, pay for it and send it directly and electronically wrapped to the recipient.

How far off are we from then having that App semi-branded so that every-time they use it in future it reminds them ‘Gifted from Ian Moyse’? Or alerts you, the sender, when it is used so that you know that your gift was valued.

We are moving into a world where the giving of the gift requires less thought and effort. You can select and send in a matter of seconds. And know straight away if the recipient has used the gift!  No more re-gifting, or getting away with, ‘it was just what I wanted’. The world of gifting has a world of change ahead.

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