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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

Over the last 18 months we have worked with a number of organisations that have an appetite to become truly social. They see that social media provides the glue to hold their organisation together and bind it to its customers. They see that using social media provides an “easy” way to facilitate conversations because everyone, staff, prospects and customers is already there.

So, how does how does what we do make this work in practice?

Well, we help organisations to create the vision, their “social dream” – that “if we were a truly ‘social’ organisation, what would we look like and how would this make us better” moment… This is a vision that everyone needs to buy-in to and we help them do so – everyone from the CEO to the intern. We create an achievable roadmap so they can be confident to get there, then we deploy a series of programmes/products which we use to “socialise” each department within the enterprise because we passionately believe that “social” has a role to play in almost every department within an organisation. You KNOW that we at DLA absolutely believe this is something that you must do because we do it ourselves.

We have not seen another organisation that does this.

Yes, recently there have been a number of companies (often large advisory firms and professional services partnerships) that have seen the opportunity for them to “advise” their clients on this transformation and they recognise this as an attractive new revenue stream, but they are usually either don’t see the whole picture (by which I mean that they do part of the transformation)…or they simply play lip-service to how important this change is.

Let me explain. Imagine that your legal firm tells you that it’s vital you be compliant, you know this is important they themselves are compliant. Your accountancy firm tells you that it’s vital that you file your returns on time and have clear cashflow projections and you know that this is important because they file their returns on time and… (you can see where this is going)…

Your advisory firm tells you that you must become social and you know this is important because?

Ah, but they’re not are they? Do all of the partners have active social presences? Do they have great personal brands? Are they interacting with their audiences on all of the social channels? Do they, as a brand, have a profile which exhibits best practice? Is everyone who will be working on your account able to lead by example – can they say “look at my profile/behaviour and copy that because you won’t go far wrong”?

Erm…no. No they don’t.

What they do is leverage their trusted advisor status to tell you to do something because they have read that it’s the future…not because they actually believe it is.

We truly believe it is…whether you look at my profile and see that I really am a social strategist, or Tim’s profile and see that he really is the world’s number one social selling expert, or you tune in to Alex’s “ask Alex” every Friday, or Ian…or Thomas…or Peter…or any of us. There is no doubt whatsoever that we;

  1. really know what needs to be done (and the challenges that you are going to face doing it – because we’re been there) and
  2. that we really really believe that this is something that you MUST do…because we do it.

It begins with having a plan, a strategy, an all-encompassing dream for what your organisation might look like in the future perhaps next week, perhaps next year, perhaps in a decade, but a dream that you can shoot for because without this everything you do will be a tactical island of social success and therefore will be a mere shadow of what the whole could be.

If you want to really see what your organisation could be like if it were socially enabled, please get in touch.

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