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Struggling to Get Your Emails Read by Journalists and Influencers?

By Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

“Struggling with getting your emails read by journalists and influencers? Join this free webinar to get real life examples with email templates on how to get responses from any influencer, entrepreneur, or journalist and four actionable strategies you can apply immediately to build relationships!”

Spotted this the other day. People often call me an influencer. I know this as they email to tell me.  It’s interesting as I follow Chris Brogan, who is an influencer in my eyes and he was saying something very similar to what I write below.

Emails, like direct mail, exist for the time that it takes me to delete them. I get a lot of templated emails. Always from people who mistakenly think they are doing the right thing. Only to be deleted with all the other people who used the same approach.

Get ready for GDPR or it’s going to hurt

In May 2018, I won’t need to delete them. I can report them to the European Union under the GDPR legislation that will be in-force.  A subject of previous blogs.

Gary Vee raises a great point about email. In the 80s and 90s you read every email. Now you scan down the list and decide which ones to read and delete the others.

At the previous company I worked at, a colleague told me he had 1,000 emails to read after he went on holiday. So, what did you do I asked. Delete the lot he said. If it’s important they will follow it up.

Now there’s the rub, when you send your “outreach” email, the only person who thinks it is important is you. We all think it’s noise, or put another way spam.

In this article from 2013 (this is 5 years ago!) Gary Vee argues that email has become an overused platform by marketers. That in an “attention economy”, where we are after people’s attention, just bombarding people with emails (or adverts) does not work.

Marketers Ruin Everything via @Inc

In his book, “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook”, Gary uses the boxing metaphor to explain that all marketing is a right hook.  Of course, if you know a right hook is coming you duck.  A message that is “buy my stuff” or “I want you to give me something for nothing” will be ignored!

Email. An oddity in 2018

It’s probably worth mentioning that in my world I run a company that advises businesses on social at a strategic and departmental level. I guess if I “sold” email, then maybe I would tell you how great it is. In my life, I now have no personal email. I just introduced my 80 year old mother onto Facebook Messenger and we run our company on social. Most of my customer and partner interactions are now on social. So getting an email is an oddity, it stands out.  But that does not mean I read it.

Back to Chris Brogan. He was blogging just the other day that templates don’t work.  Why would treating all your customers or prospects the same work?  We are all different and want to be treated differently. 

Now there is plenty about me and my company on the internet. You should be able to work out if we are applicable for your product or service. Of course, if we are not then you will get your email deleted. You only have 200 days a year to crush your number so why waste your time on people who won’t buy.

If your product or service is applicable to us then use what you find out about us to send us a message that is genuinely useful, has context and provides me with insight. And that might get you a meeting – rather than being deleted!

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