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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

Before I get in to the meat of this blog, let me just run a few facts past you. These are facts that you already know, but nonetheless it’s a good idea to be on the same page:

  • 2008 Barack Obama was elected President of the United Staes of America, his campaign on social media is credited with his victory
  • 2010 the Arab Spring uprising was a turning point in the Middle-East, fuelled by social media and the conversations therein
  • 2012 ABC News research showed that 80% of top positions were filled through LinkedIn rather than traditional recruitment channels
  • 2016 the UK Votes for BREXIT (to leave the European Union) as a result of misinformation spread by social media
  • 2016 Donald Trump secures a victory in the presidential elections through the use of social media
  • 2017 the global number of social media users passes 50% of the population
  • 2018 the misinformation and manipulation by Cambridge Analytica is found to be a major factor in the election success of Donald Trump
  • 2018 despite the removal of functionality in response to European GDPR regulations, the power of LinkedIn continues to grow in the business space
  • 2018 despite the lack of governance by Facebook in allowing 3rd party apps to access users’ data, the number of subscribers continues to grow
  • 2018 UK Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt begins the process of trying to protect people, particularly children, from the effects of social media

The last decade and the effect that social media has had on mankind during that period summed-up in a few bullet points. The truth is that social media has reshaped the landscape of much of our world, caused uprisings, fundamentally changed the basis on which we make the most important political, personal and business decisions. Recently social media has been found responsible for “manipulating the behaviours” of tens of millions of people in a targeted and strategic way to achieve a particular end.

whether you like it or no, social media touches everyone. Social media influences or controls the most fundamental decisions we make. Social media does this not just to people who “don’t know any better” or “people who are not as sophisticated as you and I” but instead social media drives the behaviours of almost everyone in the world. At home, at work, at play. Everywhere.

Question? Given that what I wrote is true (and it is), given that social media is able to influence outcomes at scale, given that the changes that you and I are witnessing in the world today are in part (or perhaps totally) driven by social media. Why does your company not put social media front and centre of how it communicates with staff, customers and industry bodies?

If your company embraces social media (and many don’t do so) why do you teach a handful of salespeople how to use social selling via webinar? Why do you have an intern or a junior running your corporate social presence? Why don’t you have a social recruitment strategy? Why don’t you use social media to drive supply-chain decisions? Why don’t you handle your internal comms and employee advocacy via social media? Why don’t you use this proven, effective and successful channel to handle as many business-critical processes and procedures as possible?

You should shouldn’t you? I mean if social media can elect (I have no political preference here) Donald Trump (a reality TV star and questionably successful businessman) rather than Hilary Clinton (experienced in politics, ex-first lady, hugely intelligent qualified lawyer) can’t it pull off an equally significant win for your business?

The reason I said “take action before it’s too late” because it is not outside the realms of possibility that social media will be regulated at some point. Let’s be honest when you look at the “CV for social” at the top of this page you could argue that it should have already been heavily regulated. We don’t know what that regulation may be or when (or if) that regulation may happen.

What we do know though is that your business would like to do what Donald Trump has done. Your business would like to win against all odds. Your business would like to be able to recruit the most able, most effective and most loyal people. Your business would like to be the supplier of choice, and would like to dominate media channels, and would like to be the first place people go to buy your products and services. Your business would like to be the winner, and I make the assertion that social media is going to be able to do this better than any other tool or process you have at your disposal.

Why not talk to us today about how Digital Leadership Associates can help you grasp this amazing opportunity while it exists.

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