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by Adam Gray | @AGSocialMedia

No really…this isn’t a joke!

Three people walk in to a room and those three people have great personal brands and everyone wants to talk to them!

In 2018, that’s the way that the world works. If someone is going to be meeting you the chances are that they ware going to have checked you out on line beforehand and what they see will inform how they feel about you – yes, they can of course change that initial impressions, but it’s a lot easier to create a good first impression than it is to improve an unfavourable one.

I cannot express enough the importance of a robust, interesting and compelling personal brand.

Because this is a pet hobby-horse of mine I am forever looking at the programmes run by organisations that offer $49 web-based training for personal branding online because…to be frank…I can’t quite understand how someone can deliver this sort of training for that price.

Then, when I watch the training I absolutely understand why they can deliver it at that price. The answer, not surprisingly is, because it’s no damn good!

The reason is, as we so often say, that improving the way someone appears online is a process of change (in the individual) not simply a box ticking exercise. So simply listing the elements that need to go in to a good online presence as part of that personal brand is really skirting around the issue. People need to appear an expert. they need to look human and approachable. They need to not appear arrogant and most of all they need to be able to tell a story and deliver it in a way which is both interesting and piques the interest of the reader.

The problem is that most people use their online profile as a platform to boast about who they are and what their achievements have been. They talk about themselves, where they’ve been, what they’ve done and who they’ve done it for, they fail to see that the thing that is being pitched is less  “what they’ve done” and more “who they are” and the reason for this is pretty straightforward. When you start to sell to the head – “I have been in management consulting for 20 years” or “I have an MA in statistical analysis”…or whatever it may be, you are asking for comparisons.

So you have an MA? Well I have a PhD. You have been doing this for 20 years? I have been doing it for 25…you get the idea!

The reality is that these things are not good barometers for people’s abilities or talents they are merely meaningless labels. Gary Vaynerchuck is a massively successful business guru. He gives great advice which helps many business. He has taken his own advice, having created a personal fortune of $160m and a business that turns over in excess of $100m/pa. He runs a very successful online agency. He’s only 42. He’s only been doing it for 8 years. And he has no formal business training. However, he remains on 2018 the best person in the world from whom you could take business advice.

So if you think about how this translates to you…you need to find that way of writing about WHO you are rather than what you’ve done, and you need to find a way to articulate why you do what you do. This is hard. This takes time. This takes coaching and mentoring and this is the first step on the way to building a compelling and attractive online brand and the skills that you unlock doing this will be vital as you start to push your fame out in to the social media world – writing articles, blogging, engaging…these are skills  that we aren’t born with but we can certainly develop. There is however, no short cut.

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