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Top ten tips for a successful cold call! 

By Alex Low | @Alexander_Low

Cold-calling still works in 2017. But only if you’ve done the digital groundwork in the first place. Here are 10 straightforward steps you can take, from LinkedIn to working with your marketing team, to line up the first of many meetings. 

1. Build your personal brand on LinkedIn and other appropriate social networks. 

2. Understand how and why your customers buy from you. If you don’t do this, I suggest you start asking them. 

3. Take tip 2 to marketing and help them turn that into a story for the self-guided buying journey.

4. For every client or target you have, ask marketing for the data analytics on what content said clients or targets have been consuming. If this does not exist, look into it. Quickly. Your competitors who have this are already ahead of you.

5. Use tips 2,3,4 to guide you on what sort of content/blogs/vlogs/podcasts you should be creating. 

6. Curate and share influencer content or trending content. Amplify your own content to become a subject matter expert.

7. Social is a 24/7 365-day-a-year process. It doesn’t knock off at 5pm on a Friday and nor does your buyer when they are doing their research. 

8. 84% of B2B purchases start with a referral. Ask for referrals from your happy customers (you’ve already done the research in tip 2). Or spot cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Build on what you are doing well and improve what you are not good at.

9. Pick up the phone and ask for a referral through your own organisation or through your own trusted network. Highlight why and what value/insight you will bring and how your network may help them. Do not sell!

10. Get a coffee loyalty card as you will be buying a lot of flat whites at the many meetings that will start to fill your schedule. 

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