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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

I was reading an article the other day, one of these “Gurus tell you what’s hot in 2018” type of articles, it was nicely laid out so each Guru gave you their opinion about the area they will sell you services in. For me it was a blatant advert.

As Johnny Rotten one said “Every get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” 🙂

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? via @YouTube

Anyway the Paid Media guy said that to get any response from content today you have to promote it. What utter tosh. But of course he would say that I hear you say.

The argument goes like this…

Most content isn’t read and he’s totally correct. According to this eConsultancy article, in fact 80% of content fails and there are a number of reasons for this:-

  1. Your Content is Boring – I’ve just seen a request to join a webinar on Jedox Version 7.1 – Really in 2018? I have no idea what it means and I bet you don’t either.
  2. Your Content Is All About Yourself – I know you have just opened a new office, but not sure how that resolves my business issues!
  3. It’s “Tick Box” Exercise – We had a company come to us asking that we write their content for them. When it got down to price they said “we want as much content at the cheapest price”. It was all about quantity not quality.
  4. Inbound Marketing – Maybe you haven’t got to the bottom of the fact that great content WILL drive you leads and meetings
  5. You Cannot Measure It – NTT reckon they can get 1 lead for every 8.6 blog posts


The Problem With Modern Content is…

Everybody’s product is the market leader, everybody’s product is amazing, everybody’s product can wash whiter than white.

For us, the consumer, this all becomes noise. Nothing Stands Out.

But let’s be honest here, that isn’t a problem throwing a whole load of budget at ads will fix.

I’m A Buyer and I Have Business Issues You Might be Able to Solve

In our day jobs we have issues to manage and resolve and what we are looking for on the internet are people that can help us, educate us, provide us with insight; these will be the people’s content that we read and the people we turn to to help us resolve those problems.

Totally agree that there is tsunami of content and that probably to get your crap content in front of people, you need to annoy them with advertising. But let’s be honest here, you can spend an infinite amount of money on advertising on promoting crap content, but the problem is, it’s still crap.

As Seth Godin said “People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic”.

The other issue that Paid Media mention is that the algorithms have been changed by the various social networks and unless you pay, you don’t move up the news feed. While there is some truth this this, Facebook revenue is driven by advertising after. That said, all platforms including Google, want content that engages, content that gets likes, content that gets shared, content that gets comments. As above, if you are creating great content, that gets the engagement, it will move up people news feeds without the need for paid help. 

Advertising is also like a drug. The fact you have driven somebody to your site / blog without a need, to get them back you either have to give them something pretty compelling when they are there. Or to tempt them back, you have to keep spending on ads.

Let’s Take a Step Back for A Second

Advertising was created in the 1930s in a world without the internet. The only way you can get your products and services in front of people was to interrupt them about it and tell them all about yourself.

Here we are in 2018 and I think most consumers in the B2C and B2B space are a little bit more savvy then the average consumer in 1930. In fact most people I talk to are annoyed with brands when they use ads, pop-up, videos that run automatically, ads that chase you around the internet trying to sell your products you have already purchased.

That savvy buyer is on the internet and social media to to buy things, looking for solutions to problems and they are doing it in “salespeople avoidance mode”. Placing ads in front of people is all a bit 1930s, the world has changed. You should have great content, that people find and then they see you are the place to buy from. 

Case Study

We has a company, put out a unique piece of content 7 days a week, we get (at least) three pieces of inbound every day, and of course as a social company we place no advertisements and make no cold out reach calls or send any cold outreach emails. We don’t have to.

Just so you know, I’m not selling content writing services, this is just a good old piece of educational material, hope you enjoyed it.

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