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I recently spoke at a sales kickoff and one of the things we try and do before speaking in front of a large audience get an understanding for what that audience think or attitude is to social media, especially in the enterprise B2B (Business to Business) space.

One common comment we get is :-

Presently using social media (beside learning about profiles of people that I meet or want to meet) mainly to share/forward company information, I would like to learn how to use social media to become more relevant for the my network, customer and contacts.

There are a number of ways to learn how to be more relevant:-

  1. Listen – I once asked Brian Fanzo how he came to “ace” Snapchat and he gave me some excellent advice. He joined Snapchat without using his own name and for 6 months listened. He didn’t post, but watched what others did. And of course he used his own common sense to work out what was good and bad practice. He took the good and didn’t do the bad. Then set up his own account and started experimenting and soon found his voice.
  2. Training – Now we would say this, but we are biased, you are always free to give us a call. We are now a global company. Anyway, sorry about the advert, back to the blog.
  3. Share, Engage, Educate – The people I talk to who “get’ Social Media tend to view the world that “every day is a school day”. They are continually searching for information and Insight, I certainly do. Then share that out to educate others. Comment. If other people post, then add your (positive) opinion, add to the debate. If people write a good blog, tell them so, it will only encourage them to write more, which is good isn’t it? Some people would say “add value” but I’m not sure that is understood anymore. I’ve had cold callers who have tried to sell me things, that if they had just looked me up on social they wouldn’t have wasted their time. But they still said they were “adding value”.
  4. Pass on the Baton – It’s our duty to make sure we support all people that show an interest in social media, more people, ideas, debate it better for all of us and it will help the industry mature.
  5. Treat corporate material with caution – Whenever you post something you need to think, will this educate, engage, make my audience curious, make my followers laugh? If not don’t post it. Bit like talking if you haven’t got something interesting to say, keep your mouth shut. Same with social media, if you don’t think your post will meet your followers you are better not posting anything. Don’t forget that in 2018 the corporation isn’t the brand, you are. People buy from people, not companies, if you look like a corporate robot, you will find people will ignore you.
  6. Keep Away from Politics, Religion, Smut and Don’t Swear – When my brother and I grew up my parents allowed us to swear around the house. On one condition, if we did it when our Grandparents visited then we would be punished. I know you may have strong opinions on these areas but don’t forget your prospects and customers may have a different opinion and I can tell you 100% that you won’t change people’s opinions. So leave them at home.
  7. Turn off all auto DMs (direct messages), bots that tweet thanking people etc. We all did this 2 or 3 years ago, but not anymore, I refer you to 3 above.

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