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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

At a recent workshop in Melbourne in Australia, Adam Gray my business partner painted the following metaphor.

You get up in the morning and ignore the ads on the TV, then you get in the car and drive to work. As you listen to the radio, when ads come on, you switch stations.

You cannot remember the adverts on the bus you drive behind and disregard the billboards you drive past.

He then went onto explain that one of the skills we have in the world today is to filter out the noise.

We filter out all the broadcast marketing (which is pretty much all corporate marketing) where people tell us how great they are, they are number one. Everybody says it, so it just becomes words. We have become experts at filtering out all this noise.

Adverting is also a metaphor for all broadcast and interruption marketing; cold calls, cold emails, inmails and of course advertising.

Goes the same for “warm calls, I bet you are still trying to pitch to me. And I bet you haven’t taken the time to learn about me and my business issues.

We filter this all out, we pay gatekeepers to stop you getting through, we have voice mail so I don’t have to talk to you, spam filters so my inbox does not get clogged up with your unwanted emails and ad-blockers to stop unwanted ads. Add to this we have our own brain mechanism to filter this junk out.

It’s bizarre that people still leave questions in LinkedIn Groups and updates:-

  1. How many times should I call somebody before I give up?
  2. Should I leave a voicemail?
  3. Do you have manipulated techniques to make you open my emails?
  4. Do you have an inmail template that works?

Don’t you get it? We don’t want your push message and we don’t want to talk to you. If we want your product and service we will go on-line and research it.

Back to our workshop.

So after Adam explained how much we ignore advertising and filter out corporate marketing he asked “so why do you walk into the office and commission more advertising, when you know it didn’t work?”

A number of marketers did a “face palm” are you that person too?

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