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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

We have all seen them, they have appeared in shops a few years ago. Jeans ripped at the knees. They now seem to be everywhere but give it a few years and they will be all gone.  Just like flairs they will be gone and nobody will admit wearing them. Just like Martech.

Let’s not forget that jeans are a commodity, if you want to sell jeans you have to keep coming up with new ways for me to buy them, or of course we end up using the old pairs and then all the retailers would then close down.

What has this got to do with Martech?

Martech was the promise land. We can take peoples data, play fast and loose with it and then send irritating emails to us or retarget us. Down load a white paper expect a call from somebody trying to close you on a demo!

We all know that nobody looks at adverts but people still commission them. None of us read Cold outreach emails anymore and GDPR has killed that activity. Cold calling also is dead. We hate being sold to. This is the new reality, no something in the future, this is the here and now.

This is where (or is it wear) Martech and Ripped Jeans are similar.

Martech was just a phase, just like ripped jeans. Designed for people that dont understand social media, social engagement and the way buyers buy in todays world. A way to keep the marketing tactics and values of the past. Like sending emails, lets buy a tool where we can literally machine gun people, with no relevance its a numbers game after all. Just like ripped jeans software suppliers have to sell software the same jean manufacturers sell jeans. Brand stretch I think its called.

Over time or through legislation in the case of GDPR people will understand this is a fad. Selling and buying has moved on.

We now need to be responsible with peoples data and people dont want to be bombarded with irrelevant information about products and services we dont want.

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