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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

In his book “Obliquity” John Kay points out that actually objectives are a waste of time, what do I mean?

If we go back to 1940, Prime Minister Churchill stood up in the UK Parliament and said that the United Kingdom would be victorious.  Which was a goal, but Churchill had no idea how he would reach that goal.

Think about it, the Nazis had pushed back the whole of the Europe onto the beaches of Dunkirk, the UK hadn’t prepared itself for war and especially a war over a highly efficient and over whelming Nazi army.  The US was neutral and in fact passed laws which meant they could not arm the UK.  In fact the US lent the UK money to buy airplanes and then wouldn’t ship them; just as France was overwhelmed by Panzer tanks.

Back to Parliament and Churchill stood up and said we would be victorious.  How?  There are no objectives that you can set to achieve that goal.

That’s where the world of obliquity kicks in.

Churchill didn’t know that two things would happen.

  1. The Nazis would invade the USSR, which would suck a massive amount of resources.
  2. The Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbour bringing the neutral USA into the war.

This is obliquity!  You simply cannot plan for everything in life and in fact planning can mean you have blinkers on and cannot see, what could actually be a better solution than whatever you could have planned for.

It’s actually how we run our business here at Digital Leadership Associates

Ok, let’s start with a quote …

Jeff Bezos — ‘We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details…’

Adam and I are very clear on our goal.  We are going to change the world.

We know that social media will transform the way business works this century and we are going to make sure that every company and every department in the world will transform using social.

We are not just talking about social selling, one department after all is a random act of social.  Every single department, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Procurement, Supply Chain etc will use social to drive efficiencies, increase incremental revenue and gain competitive advantage.

Don’t believe us?  You can see how the juggernaught that is social media is taking over the world, just by looking at this research.

Based on the We Are Social and Hootsuite April 2018 research- you can read it here:

In April 2018, 54% of the world’s population is now on the internet, 43% of the world’s population is on socialmedia and 66% of the world’s population is on mobile @wearesocial @hootsuite.

So What Obliquity Got To Do With DLA?

When we started we assumed we would be a people business, employing people and opening offices in countries.  Then out of the blue Exponential Sales approached us and asked to be a reseller.  We could have never planned for that.  Now we have North American coverage through our partners at Expo.

This meant we pivoted the company and are looking for more partners to join us.

Our goal is still the same, in fact working with Expo and our other partners across the world enables us to accelerate our position.

If we had set objectives, the contact from Expo wouldn’t have met those objectives we would have dismissed it and we would still be a UK only based company.  Where as in 18 months we have gone from London based start-up to global start-up.

The future is social media, the future is also full of obliquity!

By the way, if you want to join us, either being a reseller or as an individual on our quest, please contact our CEO, Tim Hughes on tim@social-experts.netor through his LinkedIn

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