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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes

According to research from Genpac two thirds of Digital Transformations will fail.

Must admit, I thought they must have got that wrong. Having been around during the boom, I remember saying then (on the basis most IT projects fail or don’t meet expectation) “why would a company bet the future livelihoods on an IT project?”

It was Nicholas G. Carr Who said in his book “Does IT Matter” “An IT project is a bit like digging up a road that works and laying new Tarmac. What has it got you? A new road? But you had that in the first place.”

Yes, I understand moving to cloud (should) strip you out cost and give you agility. But this is IT cost and IT agility. Where are the business process gains? The competitive advantage? The increases in revenue that the board should be pushing for?

What is the Digital Transformation secret sauce 

While at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) we seem to be the only people saying that it isn’t digital transformation you want it’s social transformation!

Let’s get some context here – Digital isn’t social and social isn’t digital. Digital is IT, the tools, the apps, all useless unless people buy-in to them and use them.

So where does a company get business value?

The value as always is in the better ways of working. The People and the Process the change management books will say. But we will change process as we implement the new IT systems I hear. Yes, but history has shown that if we all implement the same IT systems with the same process does that give us competitive advantage? Look at Microsoft Word, we all use it, but it doesn’t give us competitive advantage. The same if we all use the same ERP system or CRM system with the same process. It’s a zero sum game. We are all the same!

Social is the game changer!

No I’m not talking about taking photos of your lunch. I’m taking about using Social as your competitive advantage.

Social has seeped into our lives, we are all on it, our customers are on it, our employees are on it, our future employees are on it.

Social allows you to collaborate internally, it reduces the amount of email and the amount of meetings. (Which is good isn’t it?).

It enables you to sell and market more. (We should at this point mention our co-founder’s best-selling book “Social Selling – Influencing buyers and Changemakers”.)

Social enables you to move many of your processes from push to pull. Recruitment? Externalise your culture and you will attract candidates. Look at Google, they could have the most archaic IT systems but it wouldn’t matter about the user experience (UX) everybody would use it as everybody wants to work there.

Socialise your Research and Development, get closer to your customers, enabling faster product enhancements ahead of the competition. If Blockbuster had asked their customers why they had stopped visiting the store, like Domino’s can do through it’s app, then maybe history would be different.

We could go on but our blog time has run out. Why not give us a call on 07823-534 557 or email one of our co-founders Tim and Adam and let’s see if we can help you make sure your Transformation project a success.

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