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by Ian Moyse | @imoyse

Social Network providers such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are having to adapt and change their rules much like Google has had to consistently enhance its indexing methods. For example, in the old days of Google simply putting multiple instances of the keywords on a page at its most basic enhanced your search appearance, leading to many putting the word at the bottom of pages in white ink on white backgrounds to flaunt Googles indexing. Google has grown more sophisticated as it has grown up and keeps changing its hidden algorithms that index web sites for their relevance. Of course, on the other side the gamification mob try to outsmart this, understand what has changed and how to play the game against it to get websites appearing high in the rankings.  Googles mission to make it that it cannot be gamed and the marketing agencies and web developers to try to outsmart them to get their sites to that 1st page position.

Now in the social arena this game has continued to go on. 3rd Automation tools are a plenty that allow you to schedule content to go out on a scheduled basis, across multiple networks and/or accounts and to help create a valuable social feed.

The Social networks are under ever increasing pressure to get their ships in shape, they have long been lacks in monitoring content posted as you likely have heard on the mainstream news; with malicious propaganda and extremist groups causing complaints when it has been left to fester, cyber bullying experiencing slow responses and even the USA election accused of Facebook manipulation.

So, the Social platforms are starting to tighten their net, if nothing else to tick some PR boxes, but unfortunately in doing so they are going to get it wrong for some of their best advocate and social influencers.

For example, on Facebook, the network of the four I post to the least, only a few weeks ago I found every post I had made was marked as spam, their new auto detecting engine creating false positives and impacting myself a genuine user.

Now Twitter is changing its rules again (March 2018) and will likely get some of it wrong. It appears to already have sparked mixed messaging from its partners.

How does Twitter share out it’s changes ? Does it tell its actual users ? No…. it shares it with its developers who then (some of them at least) are sharing it with their users. For example DLVR.IT (a great app in my view, that allows you to build powerful sharing rules around blog sites, what to share automatically, what to tag it as etc), just shared one of the changes out to its users listing the below, which other apps have also mentioned. Yet on Twitters own blog where I initially checked this it has now changed the phrasing to remove this specific?!

Posting the same content more than once to a single Twitter account is not allowed

If you are like many major brands, and recycle the same tweet more than once on a single Twitter account – you’re now in danger of suspension or termination from Twitter

Twitter outlines the latest changes here in their developer blog

Now let’s hope Twitter is not as naive as to not understand its own platform. Twitter is transient at best, no one sits watching the feeds of others. We all dip in and out, perhaps before a meeting, waiting for the Train or in the back of a Taxi. Twitter gets small slices of our time, hence why it makes sense to re-post the same content at varying times and with varying headlines and images repeated. No different to advertisers on TV, who run the same advert again and again, yet most people do not see it enough to ever be frustrating, they may catch it 3-5 times in a week when it was in fact run 100 times.  The News is on at Breakfast time, mid-morning, Lunchtime, Dinner time and late at night, all covering the same story, yet again no one complains as most do not get to see each and every one of these instances.

So, if Twitter truly starts to enforce such silliness on its real users and brands it may quickly find it punishing itself in the Social platforms people choose to use. It is not like there is not competition and Twitter has been suffering from a drop-in users and questions around its position.

Will we see a time when Twitter starts to Shadow-Ban (something they deny exists – read our previous Blog on this here) users for sharing the same content multiple times? If shared 50 times an hour we all get it, but if shared for example 3 times in a day at different times, perhaps with different @users included – is that really an offence; is this not a behaviour necessary based on the inherent design of Twitters platform?

The strong and mighty leaders have been seen to fall before and in today’s digitally disruptive world the biggest names can quickly be displaced and disrupted themselves.

If you have opinion on Twitter and such a rule if they go ahead and impose it please do comment and share and engage on Twitter. Any influencer of their sorts will see the ridiculousness of this as will marketers. It is enough effort to create strong valued content already, let alone to find you can only share it once !


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