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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

  1. Sending people an inmail, pitching your products and services. An inmail is a cold call on social media. You hate being pitched at, I hate being pitched at, stop doing it.
  2. Sending me a LinkedIn connection request and then pitching to me. Same as 1., nobody gets up in the morning and says “the first thing I need today is to be pitched at by a salesperson”. Stop doing this.
  3. Extracting your LinkedIn connections emails and the sending them a weekly, fortnightly or monthly “newsletter”. It’s debatable that this illegal under GDPR. (For the Americans reading this, you still have to comply with GDPR as I’m in Europe.). The other reason is I’m not interested. I have a busy life just like you and getting twenty newsletters on Sunday where “as a first degree connection I thought I would check in” is wasting my time and your. Stop doing this. (Since writing this, LinkedIn has cut this functionality.)
  4. Sending a senior executive and telling them you are a salesperson and you want to sell them something. In sales you are supposed to do something different, by doing this you are “just another salesperson”. Stop doing this.
  5. Stop keep making excuses for not doing your job. “I cannot write”, yes you can! It’s NOT Marketing’s job, you are a salesperson you need to take control of your prospecting and quota. “I don’t have time for this!” Yes you do, this is prospecting, just as you booked 2 hours to call people only to leave voice mails that nobody returned. Now book out 2 hours prospecting on LinkedIn. Stop saying you don’t have time to talk to 590 Million people where there are no gatekeeper, but you do have time to call people who will just ignore you. Stop doing this.
  6. Stop sending connection requests without a reason why you want to connect. If there is no context, why would I connect? You had one chance to make a great first impression and you wasted it. If anybody sends you a connection request with no context, no ifs no buts, reject it!
  7. Stop sending Linkedin requests with the MarketingProfs, Hubspot or whoever it is template. Everybody uses it, it’s as bad as sending a connection request with no context, we know you will turn round and spam us when accepted. Stop doing this.
  8. Having a list of your products and services in your summary, this is for your “why”. Your LinkedIn profile is your LinkedIn profile not your companies. Nobody cares about your company, but people love and like you. People buy people, think about it, if your summary has all a list of all the products you are going to sell me. We will avoid you as you are just going to pitch to me. Stop doing this.
  9. “My LinkedIn profile is all about key words!” Somebody said to me. Is it? Your LinkedIn profile is for you to showcase you to the world, you, not your company, not that you are an irritating salesman looking for a job. When I look at your profile, I’m going to make a judgement about you. Stuffing it with key words means one or both of these two things, either you had bad advice or you are looking for a job. Stop doing it his.
  10. Stop thinking that nobody can be bothered to read your LinkedIn profile and nobody is interested in you which is why you won’t invest the time in filling it out. We both know it’s actually cannot be arsed. You cannot be arsed to showcase yourself to the world, you cannot be arsed to showcase yourself to 590 Million people. If I know you cannot be arsed, future employers will know you cannot be arsed when they check you out before an interview. Or any employer worth working for. Stop doing it this.

If you are doing these things, I’m really sorry but you are not social Selling. It’s not big or clever, you have the opportunity to transform your job, your quota and your career. 

From the dawn of time, even before the internet, social media or mobile was invented, sales has always been about being different. Ask yourself the question “how can I stop being, just another salesperson?”

Social Selling does not invalidate all the skills you have gained since you started selling. You still have to go to the meeting, just the same as you have always done. There is nothing to be scared of.

Social Selling does not invalidate your business acumen gained the years you have been in sales. Like in meetings you help and guide people as what you sell is “complex”. Now you have time to showcase that business acumen online. As a buyer, that’s what I’m looking for. Somebody who can help and guide people.

Start doing this!

Social Selling.

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