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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

  1. I’ve always done it this way and there is no way I will try anything new.
  2. The cold calling gurus tell me not to change, I don’t agree they have a vested interest.
  3. What do you mean there are no gatekeepers on social?  I’ve spent my life savings on courses perfecting how to leave the best voicemail, craft an email title, sales hacker techniques.
  4. We have always been inefficient here.  I don’t care there is a more effective prospecting method.
  5. Because I don’t understand social, means the whole sales team and company must suffer too.
  6. Mobile phones will never catch on, I’m happy with my Nokia, I only make calls and text.
  7. Of course our website looks the same as everybody else’s, that’s digital marketing.
  8. Marketing creates all of our content, they know what’s good for us, even though we never use it.
  9. Everybody I know are on the Internet, except my customers.
  10. This “feast and famine” cold calling culture is the way it is, you with your new fangled “always on social selling prospecting” it will never catch on.
  11. I read that social selling is all lies, lies and lies *puts fingers in ears and goes la la la la la*
  12. *points to forehead* we like to bang our heads against the wall.
  13. GDPR, nah, that’s some European law, does not impact me!
  14. I don’t look at adverts myself, but our adverting is different.
  15. We believe in cold calling inflation, once we called 80 times a day, now 100 calls a day, we will move to 120 calls a day soon.  We have just sacked our “SDR whipper” as he wasn’t whipping them hard and often enough.  We plan to start beating the SDRs with sticks.
  16. I have a friend that that always does my sales training when I move jobs.
  17. Sorry we have a cookie cutter approach to sales, empowering salespeople, whatever next, yoga in the morning?
  18. Cold calling is all about red meat, huntin’ and fishin’, there are no vegetarians in this sales team.
  19. We tried social selling, had some webinars, it didn’t change anything.

As I go to write the 20th, the sales leader’s phone rings, a number flashes on his phone.  “Do you need to take that?” I ask and he says …

20. Nah, I never take calls from people I don’t know.

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