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by Tim Hughes | @Timothy_Hughes | LinkedIn

You want a blog to go viral on LinkedIn right? It’s pretty simple follow these rules :

  1. You need to pick a controversial subject such as cold calling and social selling. This week you put out an article saying that cold calling is dead and then in two weeks you put out another saying Social Selling is dead. Two weeks later, cold calling is dead, two weeks later Social Selling is dead. There is a saying in print media that today’s news is tomorrow’s chip paper. Which comes from the fact that chips in the U.K. used to be wrapped in newspaper. My point being that you could keep flip flopping one side of the argument to another forever, who’s going to stop you?
  2. “But I don’t know how to write” you might say or “I don’t have an opinion on any subjects”. This does not matter. Many blogs don’t have any insight. Just find a report and regurgitate the “facts”. In the area of social selling this is very easy as there are so many facts circulating. 57% of the and 39% of that. Don’t forget that research isn’t actually fact. It’s actually a request of somebody’s opinion. I used to work for a company where every year there was an employee survey. Do you think we filled that in telling the truth? But, here’s a thing, people think it is the truth. So sprinkle your blog with these “facts”, you don’t need to give any insight.
  3. One of the best ways to “up the engagement” in a blog is to flip flop on the blog. In the “cold calling is dead” say “I’m not actually saying cold calling is dead”. That means you will always whip up both sides of the argument.
  4. When you post it, tag 10 people, 5 from each opposing side. People you know an article like this is like catnip to a cat. It’s like lighting the blue touch paper, just sit back and watch those comments and likes roll in.
  5. Don’t forget to answer the comments. Apart from the fact it’s polite, you want to be vital not rude. The other reason is the fact that when the algorithm sees engagement it pushes up the news feed. Your engagement will drive more engagement. Don’t forget in the comments when somebody says cold calling isn’t dead. You can say “when I said cold calling is dead, I didn’t mean it”. More flip flopping drives more click bait…I mean engagement.
  6. Another trick is to not say a new process is better than the old one but to compromise and say you do the two together. For example, should we choose between carts and horses or cars, you could get a horse to pull a car. The importance is to provide an ambiguity that people will immediately jump in and argue, for or against.
  7. Rinse and repeat.

If you think this is a pi55-take or I’m not taking this seriously, you are right. All I’ve done is taken a cross section of people’s blogs and dissected the writing.

Let’s get serious for a second, people are doing this, when you comment on articles you are deciding if you want to “add flames to the fire”. Don’t forget, regardless if you agree or disagree, a like or a comment puts the article through your network and people will judge you with the company you keep.

Finally, I’m not the best writer in the world, I don’t have all the ideas, but be my guest, this formula is working, if you want to “be that person” go ahead.

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